Somaliland: Local Traffic Issues Similar to Gun Control in the US


hargeisa traffic by somalilandsun

Somalilandsun – Why is the traffic and road safety of Somaliland in a hot button like gun control in the states and why is it a dangerous topic talk about and always creates controversy in Somaliland that comes from elders In our country, because of the blood money situation and that people in their clan should be driving without a drivers license what so ever. Somaliland should have a strict rule on drivers license and driver training and driver education and there should be 2 steps on a getting on drivers license in Somaliland, the permit you can’t drive by yourself and you have to have a fully licensed somalilander driver in the front seat, who has been driving for over 5 years and experienced driver, and to become a fully license driver you must a road test and take driver education to know the rules of the road, and that to get a Somaliland drivers license you need to do the written test for the permit and a road test for the full license and driver education as well, and those who have drivers license in other countries can show a photo copy of their original drivers license.

recently car accidents have been increasing so far in our young nation Somaliland and nothing has been done to tackle the issue of the cause of accidents, road rage, aggressive driving, no respect for traffic rules and inexperienced drivers who think they have are professors of the road, and they think they are better then the experienced Somaliland diaspora who have drivers license and have been trained to drive vehicle through driver education programs. Most of the drivers in Somaliland are irresponsible drivers, impatient and don’t follow the rules of the road, and that they are aggressive drivers and that they are my people and love them but I have to criticize my people driving and behavior. Another thing is that they let 10 and 12 year old drive buses and automobiles on the streets of Hargeisa, Burco and other regions of Somaliland, and that bus drivers and truck drivers don’t and cab drivers don’t have efficient training or any driving experience by carrying precious cargo which are passengers and also goods, and that I urge the government to have a program to have a special license for those commercial licence but you need a full passenger drivers license first to have a commercial license and this will decrease tragedies on our roads and yesterday in Hargeisa there was a terrible school buses accidents and that 2 different school buses were involved because of irresponsible inexperienced bus drivers, and that these rules will not chase somailanders out the country and that they will be safe and that they will not be unemployed and they need training. In my expert opinion the cause of car accidents are various:

1: tailgating or following to closely which is common in hargeisa and other parts of Somaliland.

2. Cutting drivers off

3. Failure to signal

4. Speeding

5. Texting and using your cellphone while driving and it is important to keep your attention on the road.

6. Poor road conditions.

7. the wrong steering wheel which is the right and the road is driven on the right.

8. Road rage and aggressive driving.

9. Blocking traffic and the intersection

10. mechanical problems on the vehicle

There should be a special license and training for the auto rickshaw in Somaliland because they are reckless on our roads and that the government of Somaliland should have a driver awareness program every week.

Keep our roads safe in Somaliland is very important and it is not a bad thing or against our culture.

Nur, Toronto Ontario, Canada