Somaliland: Local MP Scores Another Hit


By: M.A Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The residents of War-Ibr

MP Ali Marehan opens the police station he funded

an had a standing ovation for their parliamentarian on the occasion ofthe opening of a police station funded by Hon. Ali Hassan Mohammed aka Ali-Marehan.

The ceremony which was graced by the participation of Toghdeer deputy regional governor Mr. M.M Yusuf Ubahle, Regional Police Commander Mohammed Farah and the MP himself profoundly praised the honorable parliamentarian who has contributed substantially to local causes in the provision of public services.

“The MP is way ahead of his colleagues in keeping abreast with the needs of his constituents”, quipped the regional police boss.

Local administration and traditional leaders were in unison as to the significance of the addressed dire security need in the area.

They all acknowledged the fact that the area was very much starved of a police station.

MP Ali Marehan opens the police station he funded

“Now that you have a new station, it is incumbent upon you to maintain it”, Hon. Ali Marehan told the residents.

The MP is known to have contributed immensely to local causes especially in the security sectors.

He had provided several vehicles to the police department as personal donations.

His feat has not been even imitated, let alone equaled, by any of his colleagues.

He happens to be the only national parliamentarian to warm up to the needs of his constituents.

Most notable are those of the Doqoshey and Qoriolle donations to the police department.