Somaliland: Local Council Elections Campaign to Run for 28 Days


NEC Comissioners Set local Council election Campaign dates By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Each of the seven parties will campaign for seven days each.

The National Election Commission-NEC has released a campaign timetable for parties contesting the forthcoming local council elections slated for November 28.

According to a statement released by NEC Spokesperson Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Hirsi ‘Gelle’ during a press briefing in Hargeisa, the campaign proper will begin on 29 October and end on 25 November 2012, which is three days before the ballot date.

“NEC hereby announces that the campaign for local council elections will officially begin next Monday, 29th October 2012 and run for 28 days,” Said Mr. Gelle.

In this regard, each of the contesting parties has been allocated four days of campaign thus each of the seven parties will campaign once a week within a period of four weeks. During each day allocated, a particular party which will have the entire country at its disposal other contesting parties are prohibited from any covert or overt campaigning.

The statement from the election body urged all the parties to observe proper campaign conduct thus maintain prevalent security as well as peaceful co-existence among the citizenry.

The NEC spokesperson who warned the political parties and candidates against any misconduct also informed that the election body will remain vigilant at all levels would not hesitate in utilizing law enforcement agencies in-order to bridle those wayward.

The timetable for campaign is:


29 October (Monday)

05/11/2012 (Monday)

12/11/2012 (Monday)

19/11/2012 (Monday)


30/10/2012 (Tuesday)

6/11/2012 (Tuesday)

13/11/2012 (Tuesday)

20/11/2012 (Tuesday)


31/10/2012 (Wednesday)

7/11/2012 (Wednesday)

14/11/2012 (Wednesday)

21/11/2012 (Wednesday)


1/11/2012 (Thursday)

8/11/2012 (Thursday)

15/11/2012 (Thursday)

22/11/2012 (Thursday)


02/11/2012 (Friday)

9/11/2012 (Friday)

16/11/2012 (Friday)

23/11/2012 (Friday)


3/11/2012 (Saturday)

10/11/2012 (Saturday)

17/11/2012 (Saturday)

24/11/2012 (Saturday)


4/11/2012 (Sunday)

11/11/2012 (Sunday)

18/11/2012 (Sunday)

25/11/2012 (Sunday)