Somaliland: Lion Bites Zookeeper in Hargeisa


A lion at the Waranade Zoo in Hargeisa

Somalilandsun – A zookeeper is nursing light injurious received from a lion bite at the Waran’ade Lion den in Hargeisa
According to the zoo owner, Abdiqani Ali Mohamed Waran’ade the injured staffer was imkidiately taken to hospital for treatment of which he is properly responding to.
In an interview with ERYAL Tv the lion zoo owner said blame for the near fatal incident was as a result of Non adherence to Lion tending procedures by the keeper.
“The slight injuries were received after the employee pushed his hand past the mesh wire thence deep into the lion’s den” said Waran’ade Junior addressed Ngong that it is against zoo rules to do so.
Stressing on the importance of observing set rules of conduct in any work station, the Zoo owner said that all the lion cages have strict warnings on the do and don’t’s of both workers and visitors.
Revealing that the not only the injured but all employees of the facility were aware from day one on norms regulating how they interact with the lions , the Zoo proprietor who said he appreciates all Somalilanders who make it a point to visit and watch the lions to also take note of the rules.
This is not the first for a similar mishap or even grievous occasioned Hargeisa residents by the Waran’ade Lions

the only zoo in Somaliland is based in Hargeisa