Somaliland: Light Must Be Shed On Oil Saga



Somalilandsun – The latest to emanate out of the Genel Energy efforts is a new twist in sagas not only tinged by sad frowns consternations, but indeed, a horrifying state of putting nerves on edge.

Of course the Genel hierarchy owes us an explanation as to why no sooner had an issue, concerning belligerent local residents clamoring for menial jobs at the projects in their location, having been dealt with amicably, Genel Energy decide to bolt hastily and in a hush, thus, without any explanations to their hosts and partners in the project!

It makes us grind out teeth in chagrin when we assume that inflammatory words by the likes of opposition party chief Feisal Ali-warabe might have been that last straw that have broken the camel’s back.

To make matters worse, is to have bile develop in our bellies and high up our throats, at the mere thoughts that Feisal’s rhetoric has played into the hands of our enemies (abetting), who may now as well be showing their teeth in a mirthful smile that exudes hate lying beneath.

It is known quite well that the Head of State had hitherto issued a Presidential decree that declared the oil prospective efforts should not be deterred, blocked, hindered or obstructed in anyway and by anyone. It further warned of drastic measures against all culprits, if any.

Similarly, the Interior Minister had sojourned in Togdheer region hence lubricated the axles of inter-working relations hence made sure that all was well and work was going on smoothly.

It so transpired that the local Genel Energy authorities were happy and fully contented with the ground situation.

Immediately after, we have the local Genel Chief join in local development and is pictured at an prime water drilling function for local Burao Orphanage.

Now then, if have such a person order the machineries and workers evacuate the area less than 72 hours later and without any incidence taking place, it leaves only a simple reason for the tentative, impromptu and hasty action to take place.

This one simple reason is lent credence by the fact that they (Genel) never even bothered to go public, or on courtesy basis, even inform their hosts and partner- the SL state and the people.

The one simple reason we have in mind, we may safely and rightly argue, is that they have been ordered by higher powers from and/or of their own.

Now, the question is, if Genel Energies top CEO, Mr. Howard himself, was here and talked favourably while quite optimistic of the project pledging to sustain, step-up and steadfastly continue their struggles and efforts, what has caused him give his workers in the project location the marching out orders?

Despite the fact that Interior chief pledged to seek clarifications from Genel today (Sunday) we are sickened by words of Feisal (and his likes) which only seemed to be catered for the objectives of the enemies of the land.

We say this because he is deemed a high figure in the society with esteem noted both within and without our borders for his portfolio.

Something somewhere is seriously wrong hence Somalilanders need explanation.

The writer M.A.Egge is the editor of The Horn Tribune an English weekly published in Hargeisa by the state owned Dawan Media group