Somaliland: Let’s rally around solidarity and togetherness, for SL peace and unity


President Silanyo (C) poses with Buhodle peacemakers at the presidency Editorial

It is incumbent upon all of us, as Somalilanders, to support at all times all grand marches towards peace.

This support, needless to say, MUST be to the hilt.

What is quite successfully going on at the moment is the implementations of the accords agreed for the sake of peace, stability and harmonious socio-political setting for all in, and, of the country.

So far it has been so good for the pacification of the hitherto eastern skirmishes is once more, homegrown.

As we thank the government, traditional leaders and all stakeholders for laying down the foundation of yet again another conciliation in a conciliatory mood and circumstances, we should take the moment to reflect on who we are, where we are from and where and how we intend to move forward in pursuit for the best pastures for SL.

As we hail the Head of State for his vision, so too do we hail Haglatosiye and associates for the determination they are exhibiting for the good of all the people of the land.

It is in this breath that we urge for total support such that the peace accord holds for good.

Again, on the same note, we appeal to all Somalilanders to tame their emotions especially now that the elections are around the corner.

Ours is not to brood over bygones, but to justifiably, face our present responsibilities and future challenges to focus on nation building.

True to the word, no progress can ever be achieved anywhere without a semblance of prevalent peace and stable environment.

What we all dream of is to have for ourselves and our posterity good health, shatter, education social and political security and above all, long life.

None of the above, definitely, come about in the absence of peace, stability and unity. In other words, we should rally our cries around fostering real solidarity and togetherness.

And that, in a nutshell, is the way forward for all concerned, thus-every Somalilander.

Similarly, it should go without saying, that enemies who do not miss any opportunity, if not create, to see the SL’s aspirations stunted by nipping the bud.

The eastern pacification and resettlement is an excellent chance in a new page of a new lease of fresh life for SL’s opportunities.

It should pep up our impetus even more to move forward and try to recover all the past lost times and efforts that slight hitches, bumps and hurdles, sort of slowed down hence impeded development.

With the free highway to progress, then the sky only should be the limit.

Again, this is of course, by rallying around solidarity and togetherness-for peace, security and development to flourish.

This editorial was published on the 12th Aug 2012 by The Horn Tribune, a weekly English newspaper published in Hargeisa by the state owned Dawan Media Group