Somaliland: Let’s Follow Silanyo-Bihi Cue


L-R  Somaliland VP Sayli witnessing a handshake of reconciliation between President Silanyo and Kulmiye chair Bihi

Somalilandsun – It has never been in our tradition to OP’ED our main splash history other than the seldom times in which it warrants or calls for merit.

In this case the step the President took last week as concerns party matters needs to have its meaningful impact emphasized.

The Head of State with exemplary wisdom has unveiled to his ministers his wish that warrants and calls for his chief political officers to liase well with the party machinery as per tradition.

Now that none other than the President himself has confirmed that there are no longer any bones of contention within the KULMIYE hierarchy, we should be rest assured that all is well.

The President had a tete-a-tete with the party chairman before he left the country last month.

To underpin his sincerity and to underscore the importance of seeing to it that the party is fortified, the President invited his party’s chairman to last week’s cabinet meeting hence reiterated their conviction of being steadfast to the party.

At the same time he reassured the cabinet that differences no longer existed between them.

The gesture which is unprecedented in SL’s politics, was the epitome of the Head of State’s sincerity and his efforts of always going for/and upholding unity, oneness, togetherness etc.

In reciprocation the chairman, for good measure, reminded hence coaxed the cabinet members to identify themselves more with the party, re-invigorate its stature, and by thus, collectively stand by it hence advance its cause and policies.

We expect Hon. Samaale’s words would be headed by his colleagues and the party would live up to its expectations.

It is worth reminding our readers that the President not only depicted his faithfulness and sincerity to the party, but also called upon the cabinet and party members to be sincere too in their undertakings.
In a nutshell, we applaud them all, and in a new breath of fresh life, we not only echo their words in our issues as we have always been doing, but we nudge all concerned to take the party to even a better, greater and fledgling height.

In our concurrence to their sentiments, we revisit our caution that at no costs whatsoever should the party its feathers unruffled again.

It is quite clear that elections fever have started gripping the challengers and the nation at large.

Thus, this is no time to leave matters un-addressed hence the party should oil its axles and with the right bearings in place, get the wheels rolling.

The party is to leave no stone unturned such that it should garner the support similar to that which it amassed during the last Presidential elections.

Whatever the case its incumbent upon all of us as a team, and in solidarity follow their cue hence go forward and support the party whose policies are being well implemented.
An –Editorial from The Horn Tribune a weekly English newspaper published in Hargeisa by the State owned Dawan Media group