Somaliland: Let’s Establish Legal Parameters to Rein Errant Traditional Leaders’ -Urge Legislators


As MP Mahmud Ahmed Obsiye and MP Abdikarim Aw Ali Shabeel also Urge banning civilians from possession of automatic weapons

Somalilandsun – Thanks to the grace of Allah Somaliland has managed to secure and sustain peaceful co-existence among its diverse communities.

But according to MP Mahmud Ahmed Obsiye and MP  Abdikarim Aw Ali Shabeel of the Somaliland House of Representatives this achievement is being threatened by foul mouthed traditional leaders and the large number of automatic weapons under civilian hands.

Speaking to Geeska Afrika the two Legislators said time for action was now in lieu of reversing all that Somaliland has stood for in the 26 Years since reclamation of self rule from Somalia.

“In the recent past the country has been awash with clan animosity sentiments being expressed by traditional leaders be they sultans, chiefs or elders” said MP Abdikarim Aw Ali Shabeel adding that it was very ironic since these cadre of people are the ones expected to safeguard peace within local communities.

Reiterating the imperatives of ensuring that traditional leaders do not posses carte Blanche authority to raise clan tensions in the country, MP Shabeel who is chairman of the parliamentary defense and security committee revealed plans for a law governing how to legally deal with such instances that are now absent.

Said he, It is incumbent upon President Musa Behi Abdi to submit shall a bill to the house for debate and approval by Legislators.

On the other hand the large number of citizens losing life from clan conflict is running very high not to mention the attendant cost of treating injured and recouping destroyed property.

This wa stated by  MP Mahmud Ahmed Obsiye who urged for immediate  measures to not only establish perpetual end to inter clan strife but arrest the large number of subsequent deaths.

Referring to the skirmishes between two clans in Sanaag region the legislator said that the recurring nature these clashes necessitate deeper thought.

“While clan conflicts over water, grazing fields etc are part of our lives the possession of automatic weapons by civilians is  making reconciliation difficult due to the large number of resultant deaths and injuries “said MP Obsiye as he stressed on the imperatives of the government taking urgent action.

Stating that it is only the government that should possession automatic weapons the legislator who is deputy chairperson of the house finance committee said that implementation of the 1995 and 2010 laws governing gun ownership is imperative.

Said he, let’s review the law with intend of completely banning civilian ownership of automatic weapons while giving confiscation muscle to the government