Somaliland: “Let Awdal People intervene between Sayli and Saajin” Kulmiye Party Chief tells Elders

The underseige Somaliland Vice president Abdirahman Sayli

Somalilandsun: The Somaliland vice president Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail ‘Sayli’ whose position as 4th Chairperson of the ruling Kulmiye Party is underseige has summoned support from clan elders.

In pursuit of these Elders, Intellectuals, Scholars and some Members of Parliament representing the Community of VP from AWDAL region held a meeting   with President Muse Bihi Abdi in Hargeisa.

Though there was no official word from the meeting, sources told Geeska Afrika newspaper that meeting requested by the assorted leadership from AWDAL region at the Somaliland presidency discussed the race between the Minister of Commerce and Sayli for the seat of the fourth deputy chairman of the Kulmiye party which the president leads.

The Kulmiye party is holding its fourth national conference come this October when the positions of 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th leaders is open for grabs.

Though all  current holders of the four senior party  positions are vying for re-election it is only the VP held 4th position which has attracted challenge , ironically from a fellow Awdalities and clansman who is also minister of  Trade, Industry and Tourism Mohamed Hassan Sa’ad ‘Sajin’

According to the source who requested anonymity during the in camera meeting the Awdal elders demanded that President Bihi force his Minister of Commerce to bow out from the race against the VP, since his position is the only   one contested.

The elders particular those from VP Sayli’s  Mohamed Asse clan are reported to have  reminded the president of there never quavering support and loyalty to the party both during its time in opposition as well as now that it is in power.

It is not known what President Bihi’s response to the request of the elders of the Vice President’s Clan is, but some reports say that the Somaliland head of state   told the elders that the VPs challenger is his clansman thence resolution should solely come from the Awdal region community.


At the meeting the elders were accompanied by a member of the Somaliland House of Representatives from Awdal region, while the President was flanked  by Interior Minister Mohamed Kahin Ahmed and Ahmed Abdi Dheere the  is also the First  and Second  Kulmiye Party chairpersons.

In the meantime and seemingly in total disregard for the elders  pursuit of having him renounce his candidature cone the 4th Kulmiye party conference the  Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism Mohamed Hassan Sa’ad (Saajin) has intensified his quest for support.

Minister Saajin, who has been active since the announcement of his candidacy for the post of 4th Vice Chairman of the Kulmiye Party, is reported to be holding campaign meetings the latest being a lunch meeting he hosted for members of the Central Committee of the Party in Hargeisa last Thursday.

Informed sources told the Geeska Afrika   Minister Saajin met with the delegates for purposes of soliciting their votes the post of 4th Vice-Chairman during the forthcoming conference.

While it is yet to be known whether his luncheon and dinner campaigns are bearing fruits what is apparently clear is that the commerce minister is all full throttle in his determination to not only  topple the VP but  became a senior Kulmiye party leader representing Awdal region as well.