Somaliland: Legislators Rebuff Car Import Tax Increase and Inspection


Somaliland is home to 1000s of Imported used cars aged 20 years

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The recently imposed extra $80 car import tariff is no longer feasible.
This follows defeat of a motion tabled by the government during a heated debate in the Somaliland house of representative.
The bill submitted by the ministry of public works and transport at proposed a tax increase and inspection of imported cars into the country.
At the house session with a quorum of 59 members 10 voted aye, 39 nays while none abstained and the speaker did not cast his vote thus discarding the bill.
This move from parliament brings an end to not only the now ongoing extra $80 tax collection but inspection of imported cars at the Berbera port.
The move by the ministry of public works and Housing saw Somaliland car dealers raise a hue and cry even to the extent of threatening to stop utilizing Berbera port services in favour of that of Bosaso in Neighbouring Puntland, a regional administration of Somalia.

Somaliland Car Dealers at meeting/file
While the refusal of the extra taxation might be justifiable rejection of the plan imported Motor Vehicle inspection is not fair considering the profusion in thousands of un-road worthy cars, some of them 20 years old, imported to the country.