Somaliland: Legislators Approve Anti-Corruption Commission Bill


House also expected to approve Hagaltosie as minister without fuss

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Good Governance and Anti-Dr Suleiman Hagaltosie expects parliament to approve his ministerial appointmentCorruption Commission-GG&ACC has passed muster in the House of Representatives.

In a sitting with a quorum of 44 law #58 that pertains to the establishment of the Good governance and Anti-corruption commission-GG&ACC which was established by president Silanyo immediately he assumed power in mid 2010.

Under the chairmanship of speaker Abdirahman Irro the GG&ACC bill that has is a carry over agenda from the 19th session received approval after 41 members voted yes while 2 abstained.

Having passed muster at a number of article amendments by the lower house it will now be submitted to Guurti, the upper house of parliament and if the elders also pass it shall be forwarded to the head of state for signature thus become law.

Though the GG&ACC has been operating without its establishment having been approved by parliament, it has performed aptly so far and anticipations are high for 100% performance once it is provided necessary muscle by law $58.

The house of representatives which is a beehive of hitherto unknown activities has since resuming from recess less than a fortnight approved the 2013 budget, and debated on the police Act is set to approve recent presidential appointments high on the list being the youthful minister of Resettlement and Rehabilitation Dr Suleiman Isse Ahmed.

Dr Suleiman a former commander of the SSC militia and popularly known as Commander Hagaltosie was appointed to his post late last year following the implantation of the Buhodle peace accord which he co-signed with president Silanyo.