Somaliland: Irro Leads Top Legislature Honchos to International Meeting in Nairobi


Speaker of parliament Abdirahamn Irro leads Somalilamd legislative chiefs to international meetings in Nairobi

By: Yumoha Pasha

NAIROBI (Somalilandsun) – International bodies with a stake in the Somaliland Democratization process are hosting senior members of the Parliament in Hargeisa.
For the now ongoing meetings in the Kenyan Capital Nairobi, with UN Agencies and diplomats from EU countries the speaker of parliament Abdirahamn Abdilahi Irro is accompanied by the Guurti and House of Representatives elder Saeed Jama Ali and MP Ali Yusuf Ahmed as well as house clerk Abdirizaq Saeed Ayanle.
Elder Saeed Jama Ali According sources the meetings are related to the Somaliland democratization process as well as in specifics on the presidential and parliamentary elections slated for March 2017 for which voter registration is ongoing.
Elections in Somaliland are heavily reliant on funding from foreign capitals that have created a joint democratization steering and monitoring committee based in the Kenyan capital where the donors are receiving briefing from leaders of the two tier legislature, Guurti and House of Representatives.