Somaliland: Upholding Stability in the Nation Too Dear


Somalilandsun – We appeal to everybody concerned starting from the members of the public, traditional elders, elected and appointed public officials and the state at large to work tirelessly together and make sure that stability is not stirred at any time to virility.

This appeal today is more important and venerable given the nature of politics that prevail in the country to date.

First and foremost is the need to address swiftly the ugly head of public order breach that has already claimed causalities in Burao vicinity.
The Bali Dirie issue must be delved into seriously to achieve amicable and maximum stability.
Leaders across the tables who represent every stake holding group should take their cue as far as responsibilities are concerned.
In other words loose talks or words that would otherwise inflame the situation to new lows must be avoided at all costs.
Much as we are concerned is that Somaliland, her peoples and her aspirations comes first and supersedes everything else.
The new phase the politics of the eastern parts of the country is taking, Sool, is quite perturbing.
Despite the reassurance the state has made through the interior ministry, the truth is that the situation and the ways and means of addressing it warrants top priority at the highest echelons.
We should stand up for righteousness as Somalilanders in a solidarity manner hence leave no stone unturned to reach our aspirations and objectives.
Where we have come from over the past 23 years plus all the hurdles of thorny paths we have meandered along quite painstakingly are worth a lot.
The Guurti should come together and deal swiftly with the crises while working closely with the government.
Given the political temperatures upping slightly owing the forthcoming general elections, things should not be left to get out of hand so as to reach fever pitch.
We are not happy to see people take laws into their own hands just as we are not happy to see elected officials keeping mum and standing by. This is in-fact not a passionate appeal but indeed a reminder to all Somaliland to know their priorities.
Where are the so called MPs who claim to be honourable?
Traditional elders and leaders should behave the way the heritage ordains hence should not declare ultimatums that may fan the problems further.
The media should know better and help manage crises.
Stability must be upheld at all costs for Somaliland is just too dear.