Somaliland: Las Anod Gets Elected Mayor


The election of Ismail Haji Nuur in Erigavo shrouded with mysteryAs the tussle for the Mayorship concludes in Borame, Berbera and Odweine local councils too as the state annuls the election of Mayor Ismail H Nuur in Erigavo

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – After 20 years of appointed civic leaders and elected mayor is to head the Las anod local council

In its first session, the newly elected local council in Las Anod elected Abdilkadir Farah Jama as the new Mayor while Nuradin Abdirahman Ahmed clinched the office of Deputy-Mayor.

The 21 new councillors who chose the mayor and deputy in their first session since election on 28th Nov 2012 had earlier on been sworn as council members by were sworn in by the Sool Regional Judge based in Las Anod.

Councillor Abdilkadir Farah becomes the first civic leaders to assume the office of Las anod mayor through the ballot since this is the first time for any elections to take place in the former turbulent town that has been pacified after a peace accord between Hagaltosie and president Silanyo.

While other local government have been run by civic leaders elected by the people since 2002 when the country initiated multi party elections all the local councils in Sool region have been managed by officials appointed by the ministry of interior in Hargeisa.

The successfully peaceful conduct of local council elections and subsequent assumption to the mayors office by an elected civic leader is not only testimony to the residents commitment to peaceful co-existence but further proof that Puntland funded secessionists have not only failed but failed miserably.

At the same time the offices of mayor and deputy at the Borame, Berbera and Odweine local council have also been filled.

In Borame town the 21 elected councillors elected Suleiman Hasan Haddi of the ruling Kulmiye party as the new mayor with councillor Mohamed Mahmud Farah ‘Dereyste’ of Wadani party as the deputy mayor.

Councillor Suleiman Hasan Hadi becomes the new mayor after 15 council members voted for him while thus defeating his opponent Councillor Abdi Osman Dhego-weyne who got only four votes. The post for deputy mayor attracted only one contender thus Dereyste was elected unopposed.

The election of the mayor and deputy which was the first session of the new council was witnessed by the minister of social services Hon Mohamed Ahmed Barre “Garaad”, Minister of Industry Hon Abdirizaq Ali Osman, Awdal regional government officers, outgoing Mayor Mr. Abdirahman Shide Bile and interior ministry officials.

After a fierce competition between several candidates the new council members of Berbera local government elected Abdi-Shakur Mohamed Hassan “Idin” of UCID party while the deputy’s slot went to councillor Muse Abdilahi Ibrahim “Ya’ub” of Wadani party

The former and long serving mayor withdrew his candidature at the last minute for reasons yet to be divulged.

In Odweine a youthful councillor has assumed the office of mayor after unanimous vote by the full council members.

Upon being sworn in by Toghdeer regional Judge the Odweine local council elected Councillor Abdihakim Nur Hog of Wadani as mayor while the post of deputy mayor went to Hosh Gatitley of UMADDA party.

The new mayor of Odweine Councillor Abdihakim Nur Hog who is in his mid-twenties becomes the first civic leader to assume the office of mayor at that age.

The new civic leaders join those from Burao and Erigavo.

Earlier in the week the Burao local council broke the new mayor election ice by electing Cllr Mohamed Muraad formerly of Rays and now Kulmiye party as their mayor with his deputy as Councillor Muhumed Ahmed Hasan ‘Hoday’ of Wadani in a session attended by the full council.

In Erigavo Councillor Ismail Haji Nuur of Wadani was re-elected to the post of mayor he has since 2012 while his new deputy is Salah Yusuf Abbase of Kulmiye party.

Meanwhile information yet to be confirmed indicate that the government has annulled the election of the Erigavo mayor and his deputy

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