SOMALILAND: Landers Think Twice Before You Leap


 Somalilanders think before we leap– By Mohamed Ali Muse

Somalilandsun – The conversation in the teashops and in the social gathering places in the urban and rural places in Somaliland is on the recent meetings between its Government Officials and those in the South and what are these officials are discussing and also what the Somaliland officials are saying to Somalilanders and what is the real agenda.

Somalilanders are confused about the whole peace and unity processes taking place in some capital cities of foreign countries. The Somaliland Government Officials have crisscrossed around the World and have not made their minds yet. They have not been truthful to their citizens.

The citizens of Somaliland deserve the truth and the real agenda on the table. The Somaliland Government should safe guard Somaliland Constitution and behave like Presidents and Executives not like tourists. They should look back Somaliland history and how Somaliland as an independent country has been born.

Having said that, Somaliland has come from a long way to be where it is today. The democracy, independence, peace, rebuilding, and the progress all of which Somalilanders enjoy today have come with a higher price. Lives were lost through indiscriminate killings, torture, rape, and distraction of properties and lootings. Many Somalilanders, including myself, have witnessed or read about those activities. In spite of the unfortunate killings of innocent people within the liberators, the outcomes of the struggle for independence have made the Somalilanders aware of their history and the benefits of that struggle.

Those who were part of that struggle do not want to lose the hard earned democracy and independence. Other Somalilanders, who lived as old as the Independence of British Somaliland and the Italian Somaliland as wells as the unwarranted unity of both after their independence, are aware of the neglect, disasters, and destruction took place in Somaliland. Somalilanders of all ages have either read or witnessed the events and genocide on Somaliland. Before these brutal and heartless actions, there was a hidden agenda against Somaliland. First, Somaliland’s brain, manpower, and businesses were transferred to South. Somalilanders remember how we lost the game and when. The outcome of that intended action was they came behind us and systematically abused our elders, youth, and teenagers alike. Ignorant, ruthless, and hungry Government employees, military, security of all agencies replaced the cream of Somaliland. This was a different kind of colonization and worst of its kind in the history of Somaliland. Even the British colony didn’t do what our brethrens did to us.

Forgetting the kind of treatment Somaliland got from the result of the unification is a crime by itself and should not be tolerated. To those who are circulating ill-conceived ideas, opinions, and baseless reasons for re-unification, Somaliland should say to them tough luck. It is very unfortunate to see that some elites from Somaliland are in favour of unification. Why those intellectuals and others who are advocating for Somali unity don’t balance the benefits that Somaliland would get from the unity and the liberty, freedom, independence, peace, progress which Somaliland is enjoying with and has missed so long?

The South is not the south we knew in 1960. Every region has its own independence and some of those regions won’t give up their powers for less than the lion’s share of everything in the Somali Government. The people in Southern Somalia do not have the opportunity to see the big picture because every tribe is in its cocoon and struggling for its survival while Somaliland is keeping the peace. People think that President Hassan and his entourage represent the whole. They do not even represent their own clans let alone Somalia proper. It could be possible Somaliland can arrange an inclusive committee for negotiations if Somaliland chooses to take part in the power sharing of the unity Government. This can never happen in the South. Why some of the Somalilanders are advocating for unity then? Isn’t that an irony and a pure personal interest? What reason are they throwing a full basket and choose one which is almost empty? Somalis say that hair never grows on the palm of one’s hand. Similarly, Southerners can never be united. Period! Somalilanders have learned from its past and hopefully will avoid doing the same mistake all over again. Somalilanders should think twice before they fall into the hell fire and before they lose fruits in their hands for the unknown. The whole World has hailed for our success and respects us for keeping the peace. Why on earth we talk about unity. Why we care for their cry? I hope our leaders should answer to their hearts, souls, and respect the wish of all Somaliland communities and not look into small picture. Our leaders should resist the temptations of personal interest and stop being manipulation. Somaliland cannot afford another 30 years or more years to live under colony.

By: Maxamad Cali Muuse (North America)