Somaliland: Kulmuye, from the Djibouti Frying Pan To the UAE Cooking Fire


Somaliland president Ahmed Silanyo ensconced between regional presidents of Somalia during Guelle inauguration in Djibouti

Somaliland Sun – In a very well orchestrated attempt to boost the image of ruling Kulmiye party, senior officials placed the somaliland president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo in a very absurd situation that humilated the old man all the way from Djibouti to the United Arab Emirates.

In Djibouti where Silanyo led a delegation of government and Kulmiye party officials to the swearing in ceremony of Omar Ismail Gelle as president protocals saw him placed together with presidents o f regional administrations of Somalia
Presumably invited to the Gelle function as the president of Somaliland, a sovereign country, citizens were at a loss of words and more so aghast as they watched proceedings in which their head of state was ensconced between regional administrators of Somalia.
Unfazed by this fiasco that deminished a president to the status of a regional head the overzealous Kulmiye party officials in cahoots with the politically inept minister at the presidency Mahmoud Abdi Hashi dispatched president Silanyo to the United Arab Emirates where the final nail to the Silanyo political legacy was nailed.
The nail that obliterated all the achievements of an hirtheto illustrous political career of Silanyo spanning over five decades came in the guise of a contract signature to Dubai Ports World worth over $400m to develop and manage the main Somaliland port at Berbera.
While the development of Berbera port is a much needed act the procedures and legalities are doubtful.
As we prepare to commemorate the country’s silver jubilee anniversary of independence on the 18 of May full disclosure of the Djibouti fiasco and  the daylight robbery of public funds courtesy of the DP World shall be proffered after celebrations in a piece titled
“Dumping the Silanyo Legacy to Obscurity”
In the meantime I wish all Somalilanders at home and in the Diaspora a happy eindependence day
MP Aw XoogBy: Abdirahman Jama as Xoog
Member of Somaliland parliament and Opposition Wadani Party.
Sydney Australia