Somaliland: Kulmiye’s International Antics of 2009 against Udub Party Exposed


Ex president Dahir Rayale Kahin and his UDUB party handed power to Kulmiye peaceful upon defeat in elections of 2010

Somalilandsun – As the Somaliland ruling party continue to decry intervention by foreign stakeholders as pertains dispute emanating from now indefinitely postponed presidential and parliamentary elections in which it, Kulmiye, claims is as a result of machinations by opposition Wadani party leaked documents by Wikileaks reveal similar activities in 2009 by the ruling party during its heydays in the opposition

Dr OmarA classified document by Counsellor Robin Quinville of US government reveals the appeal made by Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar, the then Kulmiye foreign affairs secretary (later minister of foreign affairs 2010-2014) to the US government  asking to mount more pressure on President Dahir Rayale on postponed elections in 2008-2009. Continue reading