Somaliland: Kulmiye’s Government Violent Responses to Critique Are Startling Admission of Vulnerability-Part two


“Sanka Hayga Talo …loo Saran Jiray” Great Dirye Qasim

Kulmiye Party Members at a meeting/file

By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye
Somalilandsun – 8 – 14 January 2013, Devin Morrow MIGS Desk Officer for Somalia cited my article from foreign media in presenting a report to the Montreal Institute For Genocide and Human Rights Studies (MIGS) and this is what he said,” Pambazuka News, dated 10 January 2013
“The Quagmire of Somaliland” by Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye
This pro-Somaliland article demands that Somaliland be internationally recognized as a state, as it has its own economy and is a stabilizing force in the region.
There have been recent rumours that Somalia and Somaliland may reopen a dialogue ahead of a move towards independence” so I am not qualified for the accusation of Somalia Activist. But maybe I am Anti- Kulmiye policies. The accusers are devoid of nationalism but overwhelmed by tribalism, by the way, let’s leave there and focus on what’s more important for our nation.

However, Somaliland is more vulnerable to disappear today than any time in the past because international media without any ulterior motive accused Somaliland ruling party of terror. “there’s no smoke without fire” this adage is so deeply telling.

Yesterday or so, Kenya TV news anchor conducted interview with Bihi Yonis Somaliland foreign minister”…. Part of the genesis of Al-Shabab militia having its root in Somaliland given the extraction, the ethnic extraction where he came from, of the late leader of Al-Shabab Ahmed Godane. And do you think this something that could affect the perception of at the least of Somaliland to Somalia and the rest of the region with the respect why everybody else in the region is attacked except Somaliland? (the minister’s em answer is irrelevant as it didn’t address the security concerns of the region) in other words, the question inherently lends credence to (false) accusation that Somaliland someway or other befriended the terror and allowed to operate in it to kill innocent masses of the neighbor countries . This perspective if it’s widely believed by the region can lead to furthering international isolation, regional blockade, and eventually the destruction of our collective achievement of 22 years. This journalist didn’t put the question to the minister out of disrespect or bipartisan politics or on behalf of me but may has a concrete evidence to his implicit allegation that Somaliland backs militants militarily, financially, and morally.
Denmark NGO posted a vacancy in Somaliland but forewarned the potential applicant of terror and kidnap in Hargeisa, Somaliland, Saed Shire, a technocrat designed to milk NGOs’ aid for Hirsi’s caliphate empire, openly said I talked to the embassy of Denmark in Nairobi instead of facing directly to the NGO country director. But many intellectuals said he couldn’t do the latter because the country director has concrete evidence to present to him therefore Mr Shire minister of planning escaped an embarrassment and did the right trick.
Bihi Yonis since came to office, use underestimating terms “nabad diid” or peace refusing force like a legitimate rebels to describe the existential threat! Somalilanders who watched the interview asked: is he a partner in the decision making process of the nation or simply is send to minor errands like going to bar hotels to handshake western women delegates like the ones doing in Nairobi to portray Kulmiye in positive light ? Somaliland as people doesn’t condone terrorism, to prove it , they jeopardized their lives to capture systematically illegally released terror inmates running with guns and overwhelmed them.
Many paradoxically “smart” readers will say the anchor of Africa Speaks program hates Hirsi or Gar-dag for ethnic reasons! In addition, fearful of Hirsh’s business empire caliphate financed by embezzlements of millions of USD, the anchor attacked Somaliland when Hirsi took ove the helm! But that’s idiotic argument. The militant, reckless man can’t be successful because of someone said that nor can be a loser man for I said so but the public is the judge. The western also whom Hirsi and his ilk fearful of if Silanyo presidency ends don’t believe what people say about him but what he’s actually doing in the real world—good tidings.
Yesterday, Hirsi declared Council of Zakat collecting Committee to take his dynasty to the next level and replaced the international taxation system which is an infidel levying work—I agree— does that make us look like IS? His Holiness, Hirsi pioneered functioning system externally democratic-looking but internally rotten one. On the other hand, some may argue Kulmiye was democratically elected to lead the nation for the next five years, so has the right to do whatever they want, but remember Adolf and Morzi were democratically elected ones. But the world invaded their countries when their heinous crimes were exposed to the world.
France 24 earlier stated there’s ongoing radicalization in Somaliland but said no one dared to talk about let alone tackling it. In fact, I am concerned citizen of our collective fate to die in the palms of some of our hands.
Amalgam of different forces with radically opposing interests freak out the region and pose threat to Somaliland existence itself and that’s why Kulmiye government feels so vulnerable and arbitrarily arrest journalists ” dhagar qabe dhulka u dhaqdhaaqa (literally translates “earth moves beneath the crook”). Bihi Yonis and Hirsi Ali are strange bedfellows to begin with.
This Kulmiye is not reflective of the public will nor represent their clan constituencies because the president Silanyo changed every party member people has identified with their ideology instead he picked up new faces to lick his back and sheepishly obey his orders regardless of the constitution. Some newly picked persons were militants in back days but nobody knows if they the allured by the embezzlement softly changed their terror behavior. For the past or present criminality, they fear anything, they fear Muse Bihi. They fear some ministers to spy for the international intelligence community, and their own children!
But criminality shakes the foundation of this tiny country one way or other.
You Kulmiye supporters ask yourselves: why the TV presenter—not notorious HCTV Hirsi hater that hates your unparalleled achievement as everybody else hates—asked this serious question now when our neighbors sealed off their borders for fear of danger coming from Somaliland? It is easy to foil a suicide bomber. But when you know the mastermind still there dancing in Jihad platinum albums, you worry very much and take the threat very seriously.
If UDUB wasn’t in power before 2010, now, tanks from AMISOM could be in Hargiesa, Imagine how Somaliland would look like now, Godanites and Salafists would wreak havoc in the entire region, thanks to UDUB for standing up to devouring terror. All Somalilanders should be grateful for the party zero tolerance to terrorists masquerading as party financiers or clean cut Salafists who simply curse Jews to increase their godly virtues.
Read your but it never existed when these watershed events unfolding.
I said the talks with Somalia were wrong when Somaliland signed shared airspace agreement, because if we share sky with someone else then we share the land as well, that’s what the logic says unless you suffering Collective Insanity. But the sycophants’ argument is threadbare and invalid.
For instance, one of my last articles “Somaliland in 4 years’ Time Became Regional Pariah Unexplained” has been most read article in the site for its factuality, I promise to readers to come up with facts as it drew the attention of foreigner readers as well.
Elections were postponed not just for extension but to coincide with Somalia’s General Elections in 2016, president Silanyo’s coterie will annex Somaliland to Somalia very easily claiming that the world refused us and no other option open to us unless ruled from Mogadishu again. You see the entire government is busy with sale of minerals, selling ports, and collecting money or tax or Zakat to enrich themselves. Recognition search became a sideshow.
Yesterday, Nicholas Kay, the Paul Premer of Somalia said MPs would come from regional states making Somaliland less power than it was prior to 90s.
If the foreign media continues to portray Somaliland as a sort of “safe haven” for criminalities, we’ll pay heavy price that put Somalia to shame. Waves of hatred jumbles are emailed to me on weekly basis from disgruntled readers but the “Jihad” against common thieves and radical Imams will continue unabated. As stakes are high, the values of supporters and opponents of Kulmiye political militancy are under test whether to choose between Somaliland to realize its dream of being an independent nation whose national carrier Daalo lands at JFK airport or to conceal militant individuals for clannish purpose that would ultimately help Somaliland to evaporate.
The author is a Somaliland Activist and Political Commentator,

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