Somaliland: KULMIYE, Stop Sowing Seeds of Discord


Somalilandsun – What is offing up at the Kulmiye hierarchy, from and at all angles, does not augur well for the future of democracy in the country.

The confrontational manner in which the otherwise supposedly smooth working at the party is being led into only ripens the situation of a chaotic plunge.

All people of sound mind know quite well that the modus operendi of the Adami steering committee team was in line with regulations.

To the contrary, the uproar just witnessed over the week smells of one, and only one thing; an act of playing with people’s emotions to align unholy tribal, clannish and egoist whims, if not dictatorial ones. As well put by Justice’s Hon. Aideed, nobody has the right to deny a technically legal obligation.

Equally, as spelt out by the Adami team, any disgruntled persons should humbly seek redress legally through the expected channels. It is quite clear that what really happened was a shortcoming of the supreme committee who should have supervised the organizing committee so as to set the agendas straight.

The agendas set beforehand should have had the steering committee delve into all issues and chair the congress through them.

Pending works would not have become leftovers.

It is quite ironical that the chairman would continue working with the steering committee, help them through hurdles, furnish them with lists of central committee members and in the brotherly spirit, continue over the subsequent weeks only to disown everything altogether!

The other ironic factor is that he happens to be a product of an agreement cobbled and conducted as a reconciliatory prime issue to return un-opposed, again, only to disown the other conciliatory factors endorsed by the congressional delegates just as he was endorsed!

Since it is quite clear that there was no question of roles of conflict all along, but the end results made Bihi cry out foul on what he now ‘perceives as one’.

The truth is that he has miserably failed to discern it from what he is injecting in; that of conflicting role.

He wants to now usurp the role of the steering committee!

Whatever the case, as Somalilanders, we are totally against any individual or institution that would want to, or try, pulling our legs.

Moreover, we are quite upset by being treated to theatrics that undermine what 18th May or nationhood stands for.

Surely, as rightly put by the steering committee, a responsible politician should be clear in thought, word and deed.

On the other hand, we are not going to accept a situation that Somalilanders are pitted against each other across lines by dogmas created along and through unholy or tribal alliances.

Un-becoming words that are abusive, derogatory or malicious to senior citizens, officials or so are misdemeanors that cannot be stomached.

While respect on all basic rights for all should not be flouted at whims, we cannot allow the ruling party to get destroyed cheaply through unfounded and sweeping statements.

Editorial of the Horn Tribune a weekly English newspaper published in Hargeisa by the state owned Dawan Media Group