Somaliland: KULMIYE party endorses mayoral Aspirant


Eng Yusuf aspiring city mayorBy M.A. Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The national ruling party has raised the veil to reveal its torch-bearer of Hargeisa Municipal Council Elections in style.

In Eng. Yusuf Warsame Said, Kulmiye has fished an apt torch bearer, whose public record and integrity has forced the ruling party to put him on tip of its list of contents for municipal councilors hence earmarking him as the KULMIYE Hargeisa city mayoral contender.

In a grand festival that saw the assembling of top KULMIYE hierarchy, scores of traditional leaders, politicians, eminent personalities and intellectuals, multitude of supporters jammed the Mansoor Hall at Maansoor Hotel at the end of the week to witness the announcement.

“KULMIYE has warned up to your insistence of backing Eng. Yusuf”, said the party Chief Mr. Muse Bihi while announcing the engineer’s candidature, and added, “we have heeded and we fully back him”.

He said that the party was blessed to have been endorsed with support of a stalwart such as Eng. Yusuf.

He said that as experience has it now, KULMIYE lives up to its pledges and campaign promises.

He said that it was imperative upon the party to live up to its expectations and, in obligation, sponsor worthy candidates.

The Mayoral candidate who was welcomed with thunderous applause impressed upon the audience the need to elect diligent public servants.

He reminded them that the power to do so was vested upon them through the ballot. While underpinning the fact that the Hargeisa of today was a city that was overwhelmed with population, he gave a sketchy difference of the town in its development and the city it now is.

The candidate who is a professional engineer emphasized the need of having an excellent infrastructural modernization plan for the city’s urbanization such that it could cater well for the residents.

The parliamentary deputy speaker Hon. Ali Yusuf, Kulmiye deputy Chief Mr. Mohammed Kahin and former cabinet minister lady Edna Adan were among the high profile dignitaries who took the podium to underscore the importance of backing the endorsement of the engineer’s candidature, all of them echoing his impeccable record that is void of any controversies hence categorizing him as quite a capable manager.