Somaliland: Kulmiye Party Applauds Report by Presidential Verification Committee


Presidential verification team on Kulmiye party central committee members list

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somaliland sun) – The Kulmiye party Central Committee Meeting shall take place on 10th November 2015 as planned.

This is par a statement released by the party secretariat in which it stated that the decision to proceed comes after alleged corruption in registering central committee members was negated by the verification committee appointed by president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo.

Below are the verbatim excerpts of the press statement released by the party’s Secretary General Hasan Saeed

Quote- the Kulmiye party leadership acknowledges the report released by the Central Committee verification team appointed by the president.

In its report the verification committee asserts that the registration of central committee members was undertaken as required thence the existing list is bona-fide.

Apart from terming the central committee members list as legal this decision also absolves the party’s secretariat from allegations of corrupt practices made by some members who are interested in contesting nomination as party flag bearer for the Country’s presidential elections.

The verification committee has also affirmed that its investigations have revealed that ongoing secretariat preparations for theHasan Saeed Kulmiye party secretary general central committee meeting are being undertaken in a transparent manner thus free and fair election, as opposed to allegations that the party nomination is already decided fraudulently.

To this effect and owing to full satisfaction with the verification committee report the secretariat where plans for hosting are at an advanced stage hereby inform that the Kulmiye central committee meeting shall be held as slated at Mansoor hotel Hargeisa from 7.30am on 10th November 2015.

Therefore members of the central committee who are yet to collect their cards should register at the secretariat before registration period expires while those who have register bit not collected heir membership cards should do so at the same venue latest by Monday 9th 11 2015-Unquote

This statement by the Kulmiye General Secretary Hasan Saeed is in reference to a report released in Hargeisa on the 7th by a committee of five appointed by president Silanyo to verify the registration of central committee members and legality of the list in possession of the party secretariat after misconduct allegations by some interested in vying for presidential candidacy.

Accordingly the dissatisfied faction apart from the doctored list the president favour their rival Muse Behi thus an uneven election playing ground contrary to party rules.

The list is so contentious because those in the central committee are not only eligible to stand for election as party nominee for the national presidency but its members are also endowed with the mandate of voting for during internal party elections.

Though the Hirsi aligned faction cum alliance of Muse Behi opposing candidates initially rejected the verification committee it is not clear whether they shall accept the report already approved by the secretariat suspected of being sympathetic to the chairman.

Those avowed not to recognize the verification committee nor its report includes candidates for nominee as presidential candidates Abdiaziz Samale, Ahmed Kijande and Mohamed Behi Younis as well as Prof Farah Elmi Gedoole who is eyeing the vice president Slot.

In its four points report the verification committee states that after five days of intense and impartiality conducted investigations the following was deduced.

1. The list of 241 central committee members their names and pictures correct as par party regulations

2. Those central committee members can be replaced legal but MP Mahmud Ismail Bade, MP Mohamed Hussein H Isse, MP Hasan Awale Aynaan, MP Ibrahim M Haybe, Minister Ali Sandule and minister Ahmed Haji Ali Adami whose names are at the original list at the Attorney General and recently replaced shall remain members’ thence we have rejected their replacement.

3. The central committee membership position of Mohamed Ahmed Adan ‘Wali Hawa’, Mohamed Arale Duur ex-minister and late Sheikh Mahmud Hirsi to remain vacant.

4. For the membership of Hasan Nuur Abokor who replaced Abdikarim Bande and that of Abdilahi Awdaan Mohamed who replaced Mohamed Younis Awale be approved and the secretariat to issue them with membership cards and subsequent participation in forthcoming meeting.

l-r Kulmiye Party Chairman Musa Behi is said to have the ear of Somaliland president Ahmed Mahmud SilanyoThe five members of the verification committee appointed by president Silanyo on 1st of this month are

· Hasan Ahmed Adan – Solicitor General

· Mohamed Farah Hirsi- Chairman Academy for peace and development

· Ahmed Haji Ali Adami – Minister of defence and

· Abdikarim Ahmed Mohamed ‘Hinif’ Adm/Finance manager Somaliland national Aids Commission.

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