Somaliland: Kulmiye Maintains Status Quo in Party’s Leadership in upholding prior Conciliatory Resol


By:Osman A.M.

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – As transmitted by our reporter Ahmed Adan Jama who is attending the 3rd National Delegates Conference (NDC) of the ruling party Kulmiye that is taking place at Mansour hotel in Hargeisa, delegates have maintained the status quo as far as party’s national leadership is concerned by voting through acclamation method for their preferred candidates.

The outcome was in line with prior conciliatory process that resolved to curtailed further bickering & internal wrangles sundering the party.

Politicians with ambitions of contesting for various national positions in the party have renounced their candidature after it become apparent that the contest would stimulate renewed internal party differences detrimental to national cohesiveness & unity of ruling party’s structure.

Mohamed Ahmed Abdi aka Carabeto who had earlier expressed interest in vying for the position of 2nd Vice-chairperson had dropped his candidature before lining his supporters behind the incumbent position’s holder M.P. Wabeye so did Zahra Mohamed Guleid who also relinquish her aspirations for the national Secretary General slot in favor of the current occupier Hassan Said Yusuf.

Delegates finally casted their votes by way of acclamation giving another tenure to national chairperson Musa Bihi Abdi his deputy parliamentarian Wabeye & Hassan Said Yusuf as national Secretary General for the coming five years.

The two days NDC took place after it was postponed more than five times in order to provide the conciliatory committee with amble time to seal discrepancy within the ruling party.