Somaliland: Kulmiye is Justified in Expelling Renegades –Shabeele


Supporters of Kulmiye the ruling party in Somaliland

By M.A. Egge
Somalilandsun -The chairman of the Kulmiye central committee Mr. Jama Ismael Egge alias Shabeele has warned that the name, emblem and flag of the ruling party, KULMIYE, can never be used illegally by any entity.
He said that it was a criminal offence.
Mr. Jama Shabeel gave the caution following the reports that the first and second vice chairmen had made a press releasing countering the official expulsions of some members of the party who recently quit.
“They contradicted the regulations and defied the decisions made by the 5th Central Committee Meeting”, he explained.
He said that Messrs. Mohammed Yusuf Wabeeye and AbdirahmanTalyanle who held the top positions had quit the party on their own volition hence had snubbed the immediate past convention that elected the presidential candidate by terming it illegal.
“While using the media they flouted the party regulations and reneged”, said Jama Shabeel.
“For the second time I am reiterating the fact that the duo reneged and quit the party voluntarily whereby while using the media they flouted the rules”, he said.
The committee chairman said that when there is evidence which is quite explicit as being caught ‘red handed’, it flouted Article 13 and 9J of the party’s constitution.
He further elaborated that article 11 of the rules shed light on the reasons why members may be stripped off their membership.
He however substantiated that the duo also flouted the national constitution Act No.14/2011 of the Law on Political Parties and Societies and that of the KULMIYE Party when they entered into consultations with other political parties to the detriment of KULMIYE.
Mr. Jama Shabeel was rebuffing a press release appearing on 24th March 2016 in the media signed by the duo with reference number KDC/08/012/2016.
The five members were accused of having been in-cooperated into a committee charged with the task of entering consultative talks on agreements to join opposition party Wadani.
The renegade politicians go by the name KULMIYE Democratic Coalition. They had earlier on made preliminary talks with both UCID and Wadani political parties.