Somaliland: Kulmiye Government’s Violent Responses to Critique Are Startling Admission of Vulnerability-Part One


Kulmiye enjoys wide grassroot support in some parts of the country

By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye
Somalilandsun – Political vulnerability often stems from being criminality or involve in some kind of fraudulent activities that you want to hide. In democracy, however, public figures’ corruption stories are splashed over in their front pages by newspapers. I personally committed to expose Silanyo’s wrongdoing to my fellow citizens rather than resorting to violence like Hirsi and his ilk to subjugate the free nationals. The more vulnerable the public officials are the more criminal they look in the eyes of the public. The arrest of Deputy Security Minister Abokor crossed all red lines but simply revealed how vulnerable Kulmiye’s government is.
What’s inherently anti-Somaliland in my truth-revealing articles? When I ask Kulmiye government to explain why Djibouti government sealed off their air, sea, and land borders? Who’s terrorist? Or are we all guilty? Or we’re naturally regional outcast and unwanted by the international community. If so let’s wobble. Please don’t email me that this stuff will lead to the Somaliland’s collapse, I already got it. I am tired of the trite political narrative that’s fashionable today.
In my articles, I try to make a fair criticism on the overriding issues: the wholesale looting of Somaliland national assets including the illegal sales of Public libraries, governmental buildings, State Hospitals, export of Wild Life, and so on, for example. As a concerned citizen and impartial observer I wrote about the 10 million USD donated by Kuwait government to enhance Egal’s Airport International’s runways but finally being pocketed by the Aviation Minister Hashi alongside with his cousin Abdiriziq Omani who is told to establish a fake firm to steal all EU aid and Arab charities in construction roads. If you Google “vermin” giant firms they didn’t existed before 2010 but war profiteering firms were but expanded like never before.
“How you articulate Silanyo’s election-turned-to-people’s agony has certainly led significant changes in the voters’ attitude,” readers say. Nevertheless, it’s necessarily true. If I were clannishly bragging, I would cite the US latest encyclopedia that says Isaaq comprises 8 sub tribes, 4 by f*e* woman and 4 by S*av* Woman. However, I don’t want to play a cheap shot like the gentleman Durdur who falsely accused me of tribalism. The encyclopedia is there for everyone to read. Jama Mohamed Qhalib is the only writer mentioned in the page.
Clannish collaborators may not dare to look at some of my critique articles, but they should because isn’t a blasphemy. My articles speak truth to power only, and I’ve moral obligation to stand by the human rights champions whatsoever name they take such as Madasha Watashiga or the Forum of Consultation who solely there to keep Silanyo on the right track. A mentally raped man accused me and other noble figures of being Somalia Activist which I am not so far. “You either with Gar-adag or you’re foolish or idiot or insane, unionists and etc”. His accusing statement reads that way. But seems to suffer Collective Insanity ( waalida jaamicaga ah). It reminds me of Kulmiye contestant from Gar-adag who said my tribe is like lining ants, they smell each other.
A week ago, I’ve seen article criticizing ex-veterans of this young nation. The author probably a minister has female byline though it can be a man or a transgender from Sodom and Gomorrah, the article called all ex-veterans’ Forum “a forum of dooming and damnation” without exceptions dooming their nation to disgrace despite their ferocious fight to liberate the country from enemy forces. This big allegation is unsubstantiated and is like including Pres. Ibrahim Lincoln and George Washington into fifth column, I wonder why a woman or else does this to her own flesh. If veterans call mitigating the embezzlement that paralyzed much of the national services including sales of WHO donated supplies and equipment. What ‘s wrong with that? What’s wrong with the advocacy on transparency and accountability that much of my articles are calling? You know a name-calling is simply intellectual inferiority! You see the government is either arrest journalists inside the country or storm florid insults against cyberspace writers that live beyond their borderless Caliphate for its political vulnerability. Ali Guray elaborated Hirsi Haji Ali’s working background ” it’s Silanyo who introduced Hirsi to us, nobody knew him before” surely, without the aged man, Hirsi would remain a mystery, surely, the nepotism system that replaced our democracy helped the politically invisible ants to reach power.
A hired gun Durdur that Hirsi threw at me posted all the comments of some of my readers who disagreed with some points then implicitly hinted that all my articles are based on falsehood. Because simply some readers disagreed with me but dear readers please think about this, for the sake of his argument, if all of my readers articles’ comments flattered me—some comments did that and it’s there in internet for everyone to see— Does that make my articles a factual? Is that simple is that? Is that the only criteria the gentleman came up with if I gave a compliment he doesn’t deserve? Readers from Sodom and Gomorrah are not accustomed to constructive criticism and think Somaliland as their personal property as they receive yearly return tickets and cash bonuses after they made the “stunt” recognition from Sheffield Municipality. I am a victim of cruel hoax engineered by crooks in the steering and done by cat’s paw without claiming the credit. All they do is to try character assassination for anyone opposed their line of policy and say to them openly “I screw you”. But one should know insults only reflect their utterers’ inability to defend untenable argument. Insults show their intellectual inferiority only but empower the offended.
Unlike the 2012 which misguided writer mentioned that i came into being as writer, I begun to write but hyperlinked some of my works in 2011 which I wrote in advocacy of Somaliland which led to significant change of social attitude towards Gar-adag-led government overwriting the political dominating narrative. ” Somaliland moved and flew” but no longer true today in fact Somaliland foreign policy ship has sunk ” when ship is about to sink, rats first jump and the captain is the last one to jump (as he saves what could be saved)”. Hasann Isse Jama said, Abibe Timacad, and Sheikh Samale and other essential staff shifting from Kulmiye government signals that Silanyo’s ship is sinking. Samele abandoned the ship.
Abdirahman Mohamed DiryeI cited my articles to refute the tenuous claims by Kulmiye’s hired gun have leveled against me. I experienced the gamut of emotions from shock and anger to disbelief and disgust; I took my pen to respond to some of his personal attacks. FYI, I was writing before Madasha, and Wadani Party came into being, and I’ve nothing to do with them though I’ve the right to join any group except radical forums.
“As we make bed so we may lay on it” now we reaped our bitter harvest but God willing, we’ll change the rotten system with ballots, not resort to violence like Kulmiye’s RRU.