Somaliland: Kulmiye Chairman Leads Mourners in Burying Dila Flood Victims


Scene where nine residents of Dilla perished as a results of heavy floods

By M.A. Egge

Somalilandsun – The Kulmiye Chairman and Presidential candidate flagbearer Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi joined hundreds of mourners who thronged the graveyard whereby the en- mass burial of about a half a dozen drowned people was taking place at Dila.

The residents perished a flash flood that swept the area which broke a long dry spell of drought that gripped the nation.

Somaliland ruling party Kulmiye chair and presidential hopeful Muse behi- C- at the burial of 9 Dilla flood victimsThe Kulmiye chairman led a government delegation which consisted of the Religion and Endowment Miniser Hon. Sh. Khalid A. Ahmed, public works minister Hon, Ali Hassan Mohamed, Aviation minister Hon, Mohammud Abdi Hashi, the minister for the assemblies coordination, deputy health minister, SRA manager Eng. Hassan Ali Osman, the National AIDs Commission executive director, several MPs and numerous dignitaries.

While giving the details of the calamity, the Awdal Regional governor Mohamoud Ali Suleiman Ramaah said that up to 7 people lost their lives after the dams and associated water catchments were flooded and broke their banks following the heavy downpour.

He said that 9 people were amongst other casualties who sustained injuries.

The government delegation consoled the bereaved.

They pledged to immediately embark on ways and means of reconstructing better water catchments in place of the destroyed ones.

Policemen worked hard to save people during the floods.

apart from heroism in saving livs durng the Dilla disisater Somaliland Security officers also particpated fullly in the burialsA warrant officer Mohammed Ali Barre, a police officer attached to the SRA in the area, happened to bravely and heroically save the lives of 7 persons (all children) but forgot his hence was swept down the streams only to escape death narrowly later own.

He hailed the residents of the area for the efforts they made in saving people’s lives.