Somaliland: KULMIYE Chairman accuses Turkish government lack of partiality


Must Begi

By: Omar Mohamed Farah

 Hargeisa(Somalilandsun)- The Somaliland’s ruling party KULMIYE chairman and presidential candidate Muse Bihi Abdi, has made on question mark to the impartiality  of Turkish government when it comes to Somaliland and Somalia talks which it hosts.

KULMIYE Chairman has made on his sentiments  and said that Somaliland will take a decision  what he called thepartiality  of Turkish government.

KULMIYE leader expounded this remarks on speaking of  party’s ceremony which they  received Prof. Ahmed Ismail Samatar who joined the ruling party on Tuesday in ceremony held in his hometown a Borama city in Awdal region.

“Turkish government  committed to rebuilding of  military army in Somalia which is treat for Somaliland. also Turkish administration gives vast donations  to Mogadishu weak government that is unfair measures,” Muse Bihi Said he added as saying “Turkish government also besieged to Somaliland to give sufficient support from  its aid. Hence Somaliland government, the ruling party and citizens of Somaliland will review of the impartiality of the Turkish governm