Somaliland: Knowledge of the Constitution a Must as Civic Education Added to Schools Curriculum

Flanked by government officials President Bihi Launches the Civic Education guide book for Somaliland Higher Education institutions
Somalilandsun : Civic Education  among the populace and more so the youth is a crucial instrument for democratic development.
This was stated by President Muse Bihi Andi during launch of Civic Education guide book for Somaliland Higher Education  institutions in Hargeisa where he was chief guest.
Launch participants

The guidebook which is now officially part of curriculum for universities in the country was crafted by  Constitutional and educational expats both local and foreign contracted by the Ministry of Parliamentary Relations and Constitutional Affairs

At the  launch ceremony, organized by the Ministry of Council Relations and Constitutional Affairs, participants inured  members of the cabinet, prominent academics, politicians, Dons and students from various Universities and other invited guests among them ordinary citizens.
Somaliland: Knowledge of the Constitution  a Must as Civic Education  Added to Schools Curriculum
Jamal Abdi Muse DG ministry of parliamentary coordination and constitutional affairs

The function  jump-started by youthful traditional dancers ensued with speeches by various dignitaries all who concured on the imperatives of availing Civic Education  to the country’s  youths, especially as pertains to Knowledge of the Constitution, citizenship and human rights.

“while today’s launch is for the Civic Education  guidebook for inclusion  as mandatory in the curriculum of institutions of higher learning both public and private, the next phase shall provide the same for secondary and primary schools “ said Jamal Abdi Muse the Director General, Ministry of Parliamentary Relations and Constitutional Affairs
Somaliland: Knowledge of the Constitution  a Must as Civic Education  Added to Schools Curriculum
Minster of parliamentary coordination and constitutional affairs Mohamed Haji Aden

Briefing on the Civic Education  guidebook  the parliamentary coordination and Constitutional Affairs minster Mohamed Haji Aden said that the launch was preceded by consultations with expats from within and without whom he attributed success to.

Said he “incorporating Civic Education was part of duties tasked me by his excellence president Muse Bihi when he appointed me as the first ever minister of Constitutional affairs” adding that the premise to  inculcate patriotism to citizens starting with youths is part of pledges made by ruling Kulmiye party during the 2017 presidential campaign.
President Bihi follows launch proceedings

Minister Mohamed H Aden stated that the objective of the module is to “introduce students to basic tenets if state and statehood, government, citizenship, democracy and democratic values, Constitution and constitutionalism, human rights and human rights systems” full speech text to follow.

According to the minister of Education and sciences   Ahmed Mohamed Diriye ‘Toorno’  presenting an inclusive citizenship educational packages into the education curricula, will have a positive effect on both general democratic development and active political contributions  in Somaliland.
Education and sciences minister Ahmed Toorno

Addressing university students to Minister Toorno said “I am highly confident that the course articulated in this guidebook will give you the knowledge, skills and understanding to play an effective role in society at local, national and international levels” full speech text to follow

To culminate the launch was the chief guest President Muse Bihi Abdi who first commended all those who took part on actualizing the Civic Education  guide for Somaliland Higher education institutions.
On the importance of Civic Education the president said “the main  objective of Civic Education is to promote the knowledge, moral values, ethics, and sense of responsibility that is essential to the upbringing of the younger generations and impart them with a sense of patriotism and love of their country”
President Bihi addressing the launch

Reiterating that the higher education  institutions guidebook for Civic Education  studies is based on the Constitution of Somaliland the head of state said

“The government is committed to the implementation of the program in order to equip citizens with the necessary knowledge and understanding of their Civic rights, duties and responsibilities.
Adding that their isn’t a more important task than the development of an informed and responsible citizenry.
“Throughout history democracies are sustainable by citizens who have the requisite knowledge and understanding of their rights and duties thence law abiding” said President Bihi

Upon conclusion of his address the president was president a copy of the Civic Education guide for Somaliland Higher education institutions by the minster of parliamentary coordination and Constitutional Affairs.

President Bihi hands over the civic education guidebook to Prof Suleiman A Guleid the Amoud university VC

Upon receiving the copy president Bihi said “the government of Somaliland is proud to launch its first Civic Education guide for higher education institutions” adding that the initiative marks a significant milestone for Somaliland’s March towards sustainable Constitutional democracy, promotion of national identity and citizenship, morality, and human rights.

 To make the guide an official part of the schools curriculum the president who was flanked the minsters of Education  and Constitutional Affairs the president who handed over the copy the universities represented by  Prof Suleiman Ahmed Gulaid the vice Chancellor of amiud university said
“I hand over this guidebook whose aim is further deepen citizens understanding of the Somaliland constitution, their rights and duties while cementing collective identity as citizens”
Thus then as from now henceforth Civic Education is part of Somaliland schools curriculum
Civic education guide for Somaliland higher education institutions