Somaliland: Knowing The Positive Definition and Characteristics of Countryman Is Essential!!!


Abdilahi JohnBy: Abdilahi John

Somalilandsun – The liability of rule of the law is very significant always when testimony of hegemony ratified quite clear in the country and extraneous practice of involvement totally does not exist at all.

Political debates and heated opposition skirmish fundamentally and true criticism are often very acceptable for the propose of country’s developments politically, socially and economically

in order to increase and also highly standardize the different services and resources available for the nation by avoiding crabby and heinous individuals who regularly intend to divert positive thoughts of the society into deep division and senseless tribalism issues that deeply destroy the life of the society, particularly the poor people who miss or can not afford the daily three meal food of the day instead of looking for best and better lives or plans sufficiently for those people as we have the means and resources, but need to promote that qualities of services suitably.

The country man must have courteous conduct and spirit of dying for his country in the time of need, and be hundred percent loyal to the country whoever leads, even if it is different political party that you do not like their policy. Because majority rules and leads the minority and it is clear that the leadership frequently emanates from the majority of the society of the country’s consent. The pervert of course of law and leadership is not the solution of better governance or leadership after the current one, hence, it is very great opportunity to hold your horses not to correct something for a mistake while by not to ravish the nationalism or the law. It is everybody’s responsibility to prevent or defend a country or a government for any inside or outside intervention of crime, corruption and enemy involved anything against the national role.

The clear message of forerunners that want to lead the country must prepare to be first place righteous persons and lead their supporters properly in a way that keeps the nation together as a one, to prevent dispersal of political row for the nation. Politicians are the most active and significant members of the society who regularly have very enormous influences to the bad and better process of the African countries where democracy is very fragile and disrespectfully or totally ignored it by the most of the African nations politicians sometimes. Lack of knowledge or respect of the law, is the creation of conflicts, hatred, enmity and hopelessness forever that will have very serious impact for the existence of a nation, look at Africa where this displacement placed them, they have been destroyed mentally, physically and socially greatly.

Those who have got the ambition to rule are supposed to work with matter very hard and courageously so as to support him strongly to win his goal easily, nation of Somaliland knows every politician’s weaknesses and strengths, nation are aware of or realize the true color of leadership challengers or leaders of the different parties. Of course they entitle to do that and one day become president. But, it is a long way to go by trying to convince first the nation of Somaliland their qualities free from diseases of tribal factors, nepotism and bias that kept African Nations back, to be fully trusted by the nation.

Some particular politicians are member of local and sub clan Email groups that many uninterested and damaging proposals and discussions shared wrongly there which diminished completely the rank and the value of those individuals unfortunately, so we know that they are not indeed clean and will never gain the support of the nation generally, their fate of politics is on their hands and depends on how good they sell themselves to the nation of Somaliland. Indeed, we hear your murmuring and giggling quite well wherever you are, whatever you say!!!!

Abdilahi John