Somaliland: Khatumoists Chased Out of Widwidh


By: Yusuf M Hasan

WIDWIDH (Somalilandsun) – The national army has senUnits of the National Army assume control of Widwidht militias aligned to the Khatumo secessionists out of Widwidh town

The state has taken full control of Widwidh town in Sool Region after militias escaped the town in fear of advancing national army units.

According to re[ports from Ramaasnews the national army is currently ensconced in the town having managed to establish bases without firing a single shot as the secessionists militias fled the area on learning of the army’s advances.

Widwidh becomes the second major town formerly held by the Khatumoists to fall to the national army in Sool region following the complete over run of the militias in Hudun district on 28th of November.

The Khatumoists led by failed politician Ali Khalif Galayd are now homeless after being dislodged from their former strongholds of Hudun and Widwidh which came after they, Khatumoists, failed to heed the call for peaceful reconciliation oft repeated by the head of state H.E Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo.

It is believed that the militias with tails behind their legs are now in hiding in some parts of Puntland where they are known to receive support, Financial and material, from Abdirahman Farole the tribal enclave’s leader.

The purported Khatumo state which was supposed to be hived off from some parts of areas under the territorial jurisdiction has remained a pipe dream of the Galayd led washed out politicians due to the resident’s refusal to provide support.

On the other hand the Hagaltosie peace initiative that is currently under implementation has dealt a further blow to the Khatumoists after the head of state embraced the Hagaltosie faction and facilitated the fast availability of hitherto unavailable public services to the area.