Somaliland: Khatumoism Cure Found


Khatumoism Mentel Hosi

Somalilandsun – The issue of the so called Khatumo state is set to become a thing of the past thanks to local traditional medicine men.

While Khatumoism has been approached as a political problem since 2012 when Prof Ali Khalif announced establishment of his mythical state to have been hived of parts of Sool region in Somaliland, traditional doctors were of a different opinion.

And sure lengthily research unearthed Khatumoism as a new disease dubbed MENTEL, and most susceptible to those who have absconded their lives, families and work in the diaspora in pursuit of shedding blood of innocent people (Read Prof Galayd).

Accordingly clinical tests are set to start with the Good American prof in Mogadishu soon after the ministry of HEATH finalizes training of inoculation personnel