Somaliland: Khatumo State formation Contravenes the Italia-Somalia Road Map Constitution


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Somalilandsun – Commenting on our article ‘Galaydh in Taleeh for Easter Holidays” reader Jama Garaad Ali argued that the quest of a Khatumo state fronted by MP Galaydh is not viable According to Somalia-Italia- Road-Map constitution

Below are his comments

According to Somalia-Italia- Road-Map constitution

1. Minimum of 2-Gobols or more can form a Federal state.

– Sool & Sanaag are are part of Somaliland-Repu blic.

– There is a clan diversity in the Two gobols and the majority support Somaliland-Repu blic independence.

2. Khatumo formation is counter productive to the Road-Map constitution and the consequence will lead every clan to form a federation within every village.

3. Ali Khalif Galydh is a member of the Muuqdisho Parliament and as a serving member is insensitive to the GREATER NEEDS of the TWO-STATE dialogue process. While ignoring the needs of the Muuqdisho government he is prioritizing the needs of his sub-clan. The greater needs of Stabilizing Somalia is thus irrelevant.

4. Stabilizing Somalia-Federat ion while at the same time actively destabilizing the neighboring country of Somaliland-Repu blic is hypocritical to say the least.

5. Muuqdisho is fast becoming a Hawiye City for the foreseeable future and is thus no longer fit to be considered the CITY of all Somalis. It is ignorant for Ali Khalif Galydh to sell the notion of federalism and a dream of Muuqdisho once again being a shared city when that is a long dead dream.

6. Half of Buuhoodle lies across the border into Ethiopian-Colon ial borders and the Million Dollar question is “Can Khatumo-State Annex territory from Ethiopian-Colon ial borders?”…

If Ali Khalif Galydh has entered into Somaliland Territory to instigate Violence and disorder then It would be prudent to file a legal case against him and others like him to bring them to trail.

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