Somaliland: Khatumo Defense Chief Defects


Defected Khatumo deputy Defence minister Zainab Ahmed Muse at our offices in Hargeisa

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – First is to say that am very happy to finally visit my capital city where reception from citizens has been very warm.

This was stated by the Khatumo deputy defense minister M/s Zainab Ahmed Muse during a briefing to us in Hargeisa where she also was quick to point out that she was completely at home despite having been a senior member of the Khatumoist secession movement that aspires to a separate state curved out of some Eastern parts of Somaliland.

“Secondly I wish to inform from the onset that am in my home country because Buhoodle is not a foreign land but part and parcel of Somaliland despite the prevailing political differences” said Ms Zainab adding that she decided to defect her Khatumo portfolio after misunderstandings with her colleagues.

Ms Zainab was quick to stress that her defection which only relates to differences of community development with her former colleagues should be translated as a desire to pursue the same avenues with Somaliland authorities.

With the defection of the secessionist ex-defense minister to the Somaliland side it worthy for haste in harnessing her political base before it dissipates in thin air

The Khatumo secession movement is based in the Sool region in the east of Somaliland and is led by warlord American citizen and Somalia Member of Parliament Prof Ali Khalif Galayd

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