Somaliland: Khatumo 3 Urges Hargeisa Attack


As Farole dispatches his deputy Abdisamad Shire and a donation of truck loads of assorted ordnance and Dervish troops

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somalilandsun – “This is the right time to unleash our militias for attacks in Hargeisa where the Somaliland administration is headquartered”

This is the outcome of the first day of Khatumo 3 meeting in Taleeh where secessionist politicians and Traditional leaders are holding a purported Dulbahante clan leaders conference with the objective of advancing the creation of Khatumo state administration of Somalia that is purportedly to be hived off from Sool Region of Somaliland.

“Although we are still waiting for a number of prominent leaders those in attendance in the first day of our meeting fully concurred on the imperative need to take the war to the doorsteps of our enemy in Hargeisa” said the secretary of Khatumo 3 organizing committee Ibrahim Guure during as telephone interview with a Khatumoist site operating out of Puntland.

Guure who also dwelt on the advances made in strengthening the Khatumo aligned militias through a profusion of assorted weaponry made available by Khatumoists in the Diaspora and supporting Somalia administrations like Puntland urged all to be prepared for the final onslaught on the government of Somaliland.

“We dare the Somaliland national army to show its face in Taleeh where we promise total annihilation before moving like a bush fire through Buhodle, Burao and Berbera to the final destination of Hargeisa” Said the secessionist chief of security who reveled that the Khatumo militias are fully armed and prepared for the task.

Meanwhile as the first day of Khatumo 3 came to conclusion the town of Taleeh turned into a festive mood after the arrival of the Puntland Vice president General Abdisamad Ali Shire and a large delegation composed of senior Garowe administration leaders as well as a large convoy of trucks laden with weapons and special forces belonging to the Dervish battalion of Puntland.

While the Khatumoists continuing brewing mischief in the eastern parts of Somaliland as a gimmick to impinge on the bargaining power of Somaliland during forthcoming talks with Somalia in Turkey, the central government in Hargeisa is yet to react in any way

Now with things as they are in Taleeh not to mention the presence of a foreign country’s armed forces in its soil what is the Somaliland military doing or is it still basking from its much acclaimed awarding of ranks? If so thus meaning that ranks have made the national; army meek then it is imperative we reverse to a rank-less armed forces that hard teeth and muscle.

As for long suffering area residents who have in the past complained of livelihood difficulties courtesy of the Khatumoists, the silence from Hargeisa and the inaction of the army is paining.

Meanwhile “Continued armed activities by militias aligned to Khatumo state are directly responsible for the destruction of our livelihoods”

This was the concurred outcome of a meeting by Hudun residents who had converged to discuss means of making a reversal on increasing poverty in the entire district of sool region.

The all-inclusive meeting that pooled its participants from Merchants, Traditional/religious /political leadership, civil servants and ordinary citizens attributed their deteriorating livelihoods to militias who support the secession of the eastern part of Sool region thus the formation of a state dubbed Khatumo.

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