By: M.A.Egge

BERBERA-The Minister of the Presidency Hon. Hersi Ali Hassan and Foreign Minister Hon. Mohammed Abdillahi Omar has described their Kenyan visit as one that had better prospects.

The duo who have been in Nairobi over the past week had met with Kenyan Premier Raila Amollo Odinga. They said that part of their trip was to pave way for the President’s scheduled visit to Kenya following official invitation by the Kenyan premier.

They also said that they had lengthy talks with the Kenyan government on several fronts which ended on high note of understanding that focused on bilateral relations.

On the other hand, FM Hon. Mohammed who joined his colleagues in Nairobi from Turkey said that the Turkish Somalia talks produced good economical tidings for Somaliland whereby the Turks resolved to start funding SL directly hence open a liaison office in Hargeisa.

He added that he was hopeful that the Turkish Deputy Premier would visit this country.

It is no doubt that the Head of State’s official state visit to Kenya would not only bolster relations but take it to an altogether new height.