Somaliland: Keeping peace and Stability: In Search of Prosperity


HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Right ho! Goes the rallying cry of the cattle herders in the Wild West as they bark orders to embark on their normal chores and daily duties.

Right ho! We say to fellow Somalilanders for it’s a new chapter in a new period in the local governance sector for national development.

It is our aspirations which should reflect upon our lives such that we should always remind ourselves what the best ways in store for us are indeed supposed to be.

We have to steer away from all turbulent currents in order to get our vessels home in one piece.

Our esteemed readers may wonder, some aloud, as to why we emphasize repeatedly the need for peace and stability maintenance. Such noble causes need the steady and sober minds to assert it at all costs and opportunities.

No development or prosperity can ever be achieved under circumstances that are not conducive in the first place.

Whereas we should pull together concerted efforts to put our factors of production into good use, we rather opt for retrogressive ways.

The culture of tribal oriented and clannish mentality is something well known to all as devilish. No positive steps can ever be achieved if such innuendoes are injected into the mainstream social fabrics.

The parliament and the Guuurti should take care not enter the wrong chapters of history. They shouldn’t give raw deals to their subjects.

We have perpetually asked them to be at the forefront of national cohesion, harmonious inter-communal living, development oriented projects and all aspects that are a plus as far as lifting up of the socio-economical and socio-political standards of the populace is concerned.

By the way, are our people really aware of the painstaking efforts our foes out there take to and jump on every tiny opportunity available to undermine SL with hopes of blocking sovereignty all together? Do our readers know how many dogs of war are out there in our foes’ payrolls soldiering on through the powers of pen to diminish our integrity just as they hire assassins?

On the contrary, how much moral or material support do we inject to pep up our aspirations and/or counter such offensives?

We should support the government at all costs for it is incumbent upon us to do so. No country or nation achieves aspirations without the unconditional and selfless support of her populace.

Our readers may not know that enemies of this country are at pains to come to terms to the fact that SL and Somalia are to have talks.

This is because they know what the talks entail all about. Our people should be rest assured that when the real talks begin it will be to call the spade by its rightful name.

We were bound with no holy communion before just as we aren’t now. This is what all our enemies should be reminded without living in inept wishful thinking.

The state needs the socio-eco-political support from its subjects so as to reach its ideals.

This is what we have been reiterating to the chagrin of many.

We surely elected our President and we should rally around him, come rain come sunshine.

Perhaps the hardest talks for the southerners are how to deal with Puntland and Jubaland.

Thanks their own funeral.

Ours is to keep peace and stability in search of prosperity.

This is current editorial of the Horn Tribune an English weekly published in Hargeisa by the state owned Dawan Media Group