Somaliland: Justice Ministry Turned into a Prison Facility


Chief Aqil Afwaranle in traditional garb and colleagues denied entrance to the Somaliland miniustry of Justice

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The unto now perfect and citizen friendly provision of security at government offices has been taken a step further at the Somaliland ministry of justice Headquarters in Hargeisa.
Apart from the 24/7 locked doors that are manned by Prison guards one need to pass stringent procedures similar to visiting a prison facility before being granted entrance.
It was very saddening today to see a traditional leader, Chief Aqil Ali Aden Afwaranle engaged in a shouting match with prison guards manning the complex who were ensconced in a tightly locked room painted green with only faces visible just like in a penitentiary.
“Am sure this guards are not acting like this with orders from somewhere, for their bosses know better” said an Incensed Chief Aqil Afwaranle while waving his government provided ID card for all to see and shouting that the ministry of justice has been turned into a prison facility.
Observation has shown that only those released are those known to one of the ministry staffs by whose order is one allowed to enter.
This procedures that are depriving citizens access to public services to have been offered by the ministry need to be reversed without lessening security protocols but having the prison guards differentiate between a penitentiary with prisoners inside and a public offices staffed by civil servants fir purposes of serving citizens.
Alternately the powers that be should give clear directions on why the ministry of justice has stringent security measures not in place even at the presidency which is the highest government office in Somaliland.

Meanwhile the utilization of police officers and prison guards as watchmen at public facilities is putting a personnel drain on their respective and originally mandated duties not to mention lack of skills in public relations thence imperative the authorities concerned to engaged civilians as security guards just like in other countries.