Somaliland: Justice Ministry Chiefs in Bruising Fisticuffs Tangle


By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The ministry of justice turned has been turned from premises overseeing the nation’s judiciary affairs into boxing ring for senior officers.

The change of purpose is as a result of a physical fight between the justice minister Hussein Ahmed Aideed and his chief operating officer, the ministry’s director general Abib Ahmed Ali that took place behind the honourable minister’s tightly closed door.

Speaking on condition of anonymity sources within the ministry revealed that the two senior officers and presidential appointees who have not been seeing eye to eye lately as pertains to differences over administrative procedures decided to settle the issue physically thence the brawl inside the minister’s tightly closed office.

After an over ten minutes rumble inside the office, the two antagonists upon conclusion of their boxing contest came out but with director general with bruises on his head and face as well as spotting a loose tooth, believed to have been the effect of the justice minister’s prowess as a boxer.

While we have been unable to reach the duo since their escapades over 48 hours ago sources indicate that ministry is expecting a new director General to replace Mr. Abib Ahmed Ali who is said to have been sacked on the spot.

While fisticuffs have became a normal occurrence for members of parliament this is the first for president Silanyo’s appointees to rumble.

Meanwhile the justice ministry becomes the third in a row without a director General following the recent and yet to be explained firing of the chief operating officers at the ministries of livestock and Religious endowment respectively