Somaliland: Judiciary on Partial Coronavirus Induced Lockdown

Somaliland chief Justice Adam Haji-Ali Ahmed announced partial judiciary Lockdown because of Covid-19

Somalilandsun: All courts in Somaliland have been instructed to suspend hearing of all civil cases for a period of one month.
This was revealed through a circular signed by the chief Justice Adam Haji-Ali Ahmed and addressed to the Court of appeal, regional and districts courts as well as the head of state President Muse Bihi Andi.
The circular read
Owing to the increase in the spread of Corona virus worldwide and in pursuit of implementing guidelines issued by the Somaliland national Coronavirus Prophylactic Committee towards prevention of the. Global pandemic hearing of all civil cases has been suspended for one month.
This suspension which took effect from the 21st of this month comes in the wake of stringent Covid-19 preventive guidelines issued by the inter-ministerial committee that also touches on social gatherings, mosques, schools and others .
Somaliland is yet not reported any case of suspected or confirmed Coronavirus infection

Circular suspending hearing of civil cases in Somaliland because of Coronavirus