Somaliland: Jubaland Spelling Cause of Kismayo Fighting


UpdatesThese innocents can neither read nor do they care how many Bs are in Jubaland

Somalilandsun- Yet to be confirmed reports indicate that the fighting ongoing in Kismayo was caused by arguments over whether the name JUBALAND is spelled with one or two B’s.

This is according to a tweet by Horn Africa (HOA) that indicates that the billigerents who have had the single-double B spelling difference for along time decided to settle the issue through the barrel of a gun with the victorious side gaining the right to spell Jubaland gthe way it favours and spilled blood for.

May the Almighty be the judge thus provide succour to the innocent and punish the bloodthirsty power hungry warlordswho are not ashamed killing and maiming over name spelling

if this is official then stop fighting coz its a single B