Somaliland: Juba Express Expands Operations


By: Yusuf M HasanAbdisalan Hasan Giir Juba Express CEO

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Juba express has unmasked its activities and ambitions at a company gala it hosted for its customers in Hargeisa.

Juba express a fledgling money transfer has managed to spread its operation tentacles thus cover over 75% of the country since 2011 when it established itself locally.

“We are now providing money transfer services in five regions of the country and plans are at an advanced stage to spread to remaining areas by the close of this year” says Mr. Abdisalan Hasan Giir the company’s chief executive.

While briefing guests and customers at a ceremony held at Mansoor hotel Mr. Giir informed that residents of Hargeisa, Berbera, Burao, Erigavo, Wajale and Borama towns and environs have been benefiting from first class money transfer services offered by Juba express.

He further revealed that the company plans are at an advanced stage thus establish operations in all the areas of the country that his company does not serve at the moment.

According to Mr. Abdisalan Hasan Giir, operationally Juba Express which was established in 2010 in the South Sudanese capital city of Juba currently serves customers in various countries within the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.

Though Juba express registered in, and entered the Somaliland market in 2010 where it opened offices in Hargeisa and Burao service provision did not start until early 2011.

While stressing on the fact that the company is for profit the Juba express boss informs that their company mission entails sharing this profits with the community through active participation and contribution to various humanitarian and development projects.

Juba Express gala During the recent Juba express function participated by a large number of invited guest and customers among them Commerce minister, representatives from the UCID,Wadani and Kulmiye political parties, Gurti Elders, members of parliament, women and youth leaders as well as traditional and religious leaders, the Juba management promised to uphold professionalism in their service.

While congratulating the Juba express management for investing locally the Minister of commerce Hon Abdirizaq Khalif Ahmed who was the chief guest urged Somalilanders in the diaspora to utilize their hard won cash through tangible investments in the country.

Said he, “The government of H.E Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo is determined to poverty alleviation through attracting local, Diaspora and foreign investments within the very many productive and profitable virgin sectors prevalent in the country.

Since President Silanyo took office almost three ago a number of major investments have been implemented i.e. the multi-million dollars Coca Cola factory and the Hargeisa paper manufacturing company to mention a few.

Despite having spread its tentacles thus cover 75% of the country since 2011 and plans to establish operations in the remaining 25% by end of this year, the Juba express management have a tough task ahead as pertains to market penetration and subsequent survival of their company.

” The lucrative electronic money transfer service for Somali speakers in the country and worldwide is currently dominated by the Dahabshil company whose domination is as a result of its well-oiled operations that include a large cadre of highly in-house trade cadre of mangers coupled by its worldwide network of offices and agents” Says MS Latifa Yusuf.

Apart from ZAAD the e-cash service provided by Telesom, all the other financial services in the country like money transfer and banking are entirely in the domain of Dahabshil Company whose corporate responsibility policy sees it spend millions of dollars in local and regional community based projects annually.

While informing that competition in business is healthy for the nation as it lowers theGuests follow proceedings at the Juba Express Gala cost of services, Ms. Latifa Yusuf Cautions the Juba express management against embarking on a headlong strategy to dislodge Dahabshil but rather concentrate on winning the hearts and minds of clients through apt services.

“It shall be a disastrous move by the Juba Express management if they harbour any Intent to encroach on Dahabshil operations, a strategy that might see the operational demise of the fledgling company succumb to a fate similar to that of Qaran express” Cautioned the journalists.

This cautioning reminds of the fate that befell Qaran express the former occupiers of the posh offices facing Dahabshil headquarters that Juba expressed moved into.

Many citizens lost large sums of money after Qaran express declared bankruptcy and closed its worldwide operations, after it blindly made itself “a short stint of profitability” the one stop bank and e-cash transfer company of choice.