Somaliland: Joint Measures aimed at Protecting & Preserving Natural Resources Formulated by Water & Environment Ministries.


By: Osman A.M.

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Ministries of Water Resources & Environment and Rural Development have jointly formulated measures aimed at curbing environmental degradation in additional to conserving natural resources for quite enjoyment of the resources by all.

Below is a loosely translated press dispatch from the inter-ministerial deliberation that is in the safe hands of somalilandsun.

Subject: Notice

Following joint inter-ministerial sitting between the Ministries of Water Resources & that of Environment and Rural Development, it was jointly resolved THAT;

Considering the provisions of Article 16 of the constitution that mandatorily vest the role of managing environment to the National Government,

Referring to the requirements envisaged in Article 26 of the constitution that prioritize the protective & conservative role of the state to the National Government,

Prior approval must be sourced from the Ministry of Water Resources & that of Environment before drilling waterholes, wells or dams in line with the requirements of provisions of Act Lr. 04/98 Article12A Sec 4

In light of the above provisions, it is our considerations that Government agencies, departments, Non-Governmental Organizations and the general public will cooperate in complying with this inter-ministerial directive meant to safeguard environment.

We the Ministers of Water Resource & Environment and Rural Development append our signatures to give effect to this notice.

Hon. Hussein Ahmed Abdalla- Minister for Water Resources

Hon. Shukri Ismail Baandare- Minister for Environment & Rural Development