Somaliland: Join the Campaign to Stop Famine Before It Starts


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After livestock perish from Drought effects in Somalia People are next so time to act is now

Somalilandsun- Drought conditions in Somalia have left 6 million people at immediate risk of starvation. They urgently need food and waterto survive. Water levels, crops and pasture have been depleted. Livestock, a source of nutrition and livelihood for pastoral families are dying, stripping people of their means of survival at the height of an escalating crises. In pastoral communities when livestock start to perish, people are next.
The time to act is now!
Hundreds of thousands of Somalis lost their lives when famine was declared in 2011. Millions more lost their livelihoods. We all promised ‘never again’. While great progress has been made over the past five years to restore and rebuild families, communities and their natural environment, the drought threatens to destroy this progress. The impact will be felt for generations to come. With your support we have the chance to change this. GIVE today and provide families with the food and water they need to survive.
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