Somaliland: Jamal and His New UCID Faction Pursuing Alliance Talks with KULMIYE, and WADANI


Jamal Ali Hussein set to decamp UCID party

By M. A. Egge
Somaliland sun- The embattled politician Jamal Ali Hussein who has been de-frocked off his Presidential flagbearer-ship of UCID political party has called on all the supporters of his faction dubbed NEW UCID to remain united and move forward as per collective resolved.
The former banker dispelled rumours that his faction had joined one of the two other official political parties.
“I inform all the supporters of my/our faction of UCID (namely NEW UCID) who wanted victory for the party that we have not formally joined any other party yet”, wrote Jamal in his Facebook page.
“There were preliminary talks we had with both leaders of Wadani and Kulmiye parties”, he continued.
He said that they would in due course name a 5 person team to start formal talks with both parties for chances of alliances.
“Our ultimate collective decision would depend on the strength of the results of the talks”, wrote Jamal.
He appealed to the supporters to remain steadfast and in solidarity such that they may make an impact.
Mr. Jamal said that priority is focused on the Unity and Solidarity of Somaliland.
Mr. Jamal who lifted the party from oblivion and was seen as a savior was chosen the flagbearer to vie for the presidency, a flag he carried for the past three plus years.
However after a fallout with chairman Feisal Ali Hussein, a couple of court and arbitration cases, the 8th November 2016 convention pushed him out and retained the chairman who will try his luck for the top seat for the third time in a row.
With such resolve from the Jamal faction, an exasperated sigh of relief by throwing in the towel may be assumed.