Somaliland: Jahuur Top Design Stamps its Authority on Nationwide Audio-Visual Production


By: Mustafa Janale
Somalilandsun – In Somaliland a function is no function unless a team from Jahuur Top Design is at hand to record it.
Jahuur Top Design-JTD is a Hargeisa based studio that involves in production of audio and visual materials for a diversified clientele in the country where it undertakes between 3-10 contracts on a daily basis.
This was revealed during an interview with the JTD managing director Abdikarin Jahuur who informed that his studio specializes in the production of quality documentaries, advertisements and recordings both in Tape and CD/DVD of weddings as well as all other sorts of public functions like national commemorations and birthdays etc.

Abdikarin Jahuur


“As a measure of our quality production Jahuur Top Design is the number one studio of choice in the capital Hargeisa where we undertake between 3-10 contracts on a daily basis” said the JTD manager.
Situated in the Toghdeer area of Hargeisa City JTD which was established in December 2012 is employer to 23 skilled professionals who are engaged in the duties of Videography, Photography, Sound/Video editing and Mixing in addition to administration among other activities.
Abdikarin Jahuur who is also founder of the JTD studio is a 35 years old local entrepreneur who learned all his assorted studio operation skills in the country is very thankful to Yasin Isse British who induced the idea of JTD and Awale Ibrahim Awale for supporting the initial start-up that has turned into a major success and job creator less than three years later.
“While JTD accrues good profits from its many functions our pride is in those related to weddings and engagements for we end up playing a major part in the creation of new families” said a beaming Jahuur himself a father of four adding that new weds are not only attracted to his studio by the top quality of its audio-visual productions but the wallet friendly fees charged as well.
Reveling that regrettably five of employees are contracted on a when needed temporary basis the JTD managing director has plans of not only expanding services nationwide but increasing his workforce from the large pool of skilled unemployed youths in the country.
“Though we currently cater for clients in Hargeisa, Gabile, Borame and Berbera we have advanced plans of expanding thus cover Burao, Las Anod and Erigavo towns by the end of this year” said the JTD managing director while Stressing that the driving force is institutionalizing local entrepreneurship, provision of quality services as well as creating employment opportunities
Since inception in late 2012 the Jahuur Top Design studio has serviced production contracts from hundreds of citizens as well as producing adverts for an array of prominent clients ranging from printing, telecommunication, banking, construction and hospitality industry firms as well as documenting international and local organizations programs.
Queried on his role model the Jahuur Top Design proprietor and managing Director Abdikarin Jahuur said his ambitions are in pursuit of achievements by Abdirahman Alnuur of the rags to riches Alnuur furniture a locally established multi-million dollar firm that has over the years grown from a mere $149 investment.
Epitome of abudant opportunities in Somaliland Abdirahman Alnuur L at a trade fair in China Jahuur says that most appealing was the urgings made in early 2013 by Alnuur for local youths to gain confidence in the abundant opportunities available in Somaliland as opposed to engaging in the risks of Tahrib (Illegal immigration)
In his message that still rings in the ears of Abdikarin Jahuur the rags to riches Alnuur said “Why should we continue to mourn dead youths in the Sahara year in year out who fall prey to Human Traffickers while in pursuit of better livelihoods abroad while these opportunities are in our country”
JTD is very much engaged in the appeal for support of the Ramadan triplets for whom the studio produced free of charge the appeal clip which is currently being aired by local TV stations in Somaliland.
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