Somaliland: J Starr and Abaarso Open Doors to US Universities for Local Students


Jonathan Starr founder of Abaarso School in Somaliland

Somalilandsun- The US travel ban imposed by president Trump on citizens some Muslim majority countries worries Jonathan Starr.
According to Starr a former Hedge Fund Manager an American with an uncle from Somaliland — who in pursuit of doing something different and “fun” after success in the financial world opened Abaarso school, in Somaliland, the ban might impinge successful students from his school pursuing studies in the US.
Currently the school in the yet to be recognized country formerly part of wartorn Somalia has managed to facilitate admittance of its students to prestigious American universities like Harvard, MIT and others
In a CBC interview local students now pursuing studies in the US credit is to Jonathan Starr for paving way to their high level studies.
The sentiments by the American with maternal links to Somaliland are similar to those made by his students who are on record for Decrying the President Trump Travel Ban

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