Somaliland : It was Statesmanship for President Bihi Reject the Farmajo Visit to Hargeisa

Somaliland people hold a giant banner in front of UK Parliament. -- Thousands of Somaliland people gather at Parliament to lobby MPs regarding international recognition of Somaliland. Somaliland is an unrecognized self-declared sovereign state that is internationally recognized as an autonomous region of Somalia. Thousands of Somaliland nationals lobby at UK Parliament-archives-18th May 2011

Somalilandsun :First of all, I salute the president Muse Bihi Abdi for his resolute position to reject the Farmaajo visit to Hargeisa as President of Somalia. I thought his position to reject this cheap shout from Farmaajo and Abiy Ahmed was commendable, unwavering and unequivocal.

Mr President Bihi annual speech cemented our nation inspiration to seek self-determination in order to achieve full statehood in the future. As far as the international diplomacy concerns, the president of Somaliland was obliged to attend the mediation efforts by Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia. However, that does not mean necessarily he accepted the proposal, but I can see the president intended strategy and it was purely political etiquette exercise for our neighbouring country’s that Somaliland is responsible country that has both moral and legal obligation towards the international community.

Mr President Muse Bihi Abdi was correct to consider and explore all options with our allies’ request, and subsequently rejected that request like statesman. So, I do not understand why the opposition parties are empowering the enemy of Somaliland?

The apology was barely touched on the surface what regime did to our people, nevertheless in the eyes of the international community, he accepted some of the atrocities his uncle committed against our people, and no doubts many countries will take note of this apology as good reason why Somaliland should sovereign independent country.

I question the motives of the opposition press release to collaborate with the enemy of Somaliland. It was clear that the two opposition parties made threats that are critical to the nation existence and our stability. We know they went further to say that they would work with Qatari state to overthrow the democratically elected government of Somaliland.

Its beggars believe as why the democratic opposition parties of Somaliland threatening the nation with war, and instability. I can only say that will serve well man and that is Farmaajo whether you liked it or not, so if that was not the attention, please drop it.

In the last few days the oppositions were conflating between Somaliland nation sovereignty and local parties ‘politics and domestic agenda which in reality cause for concern. The opposition parties must understand that they are government in waiting, and any attempt to derail Somaliland democracy will opposition parties branded with traitors and make no mistake Somaliland public will hold them accountable for it.

I for one was not happy to see Mr President to meet with the failed state of Somalia self-styled president, however, I have tried to reason with myself about it. We know there are ever greater interdependency of countries in the region, and that is good thing to boost economic development of the region, and between the nations of the horn of Africa region. In reality the president of Somaliland did not wanted to side-line Ethiopian Prime Minster purely on the grounds of collective economic and security cooperation’s.

In relation to the president decision to allow formation of new political parties’ registration, I completely understand the concerns of opposition party’s leadership, because by opening floodgates its 50-50 probability whether they will survive or not. However, that said both UCID and Wadani are well established parties, and I do not think that will have any ramification and undesired consequences, so you nothing to fear.

There are 50% chance that this will strengthening position parties not weakening them strategically speaking otherwise. Therefore, the opposition leaders needs to take into account national interest before their personal interest following the former President Ahmed Siilaanyo footstep in 2003 general election.

The opposition Leaders must understand that Somaliland project is in critical conjunction at the present, due to the hostility and war threats we hear and see from war criminals of the Somalia. Therefore, please remember we can settle our disagreement and differences no matter how hard it is, nothing is impossible, and nothing is unattainable, and so far, your statements can and will embolden the enemy to threaten the stability of our country.

To pass note the action of the opposition parties, Wadani and UCID you must not conflate domestic agenda versus external aggression. You all have duty of care to the nation, and you as leaders of position must show strength, depth and eagerness to keep the nation together.

To the press of Somaliland, its with grave regret and mistakes to see you undermining the president legitimacy by calling the elected president of Somaliland as unofficial group leader. Its utterly absurd to call the President as group leader, while you refer to Self-styled Farmaajo as President, I think that is insult and unacceptable to the nation.

The free press is the main pillars of free society, and therefore, you duty of care and obligations to the nation, and like any democracy you should uphold these duties according to norm and sprits of free speech.

Where and what next ?

All political parties’ opposition and those in power, parliamentarian, and presidents and press have a role to play to defuse the attention. We need to ask ourselves who will benefit from the destruction of Somaliland. Who will capitalise from these threats and instability?

Electoral Commission

In relation to the disputed electoral commissions, please be assured we will find solution to it. We can create a new electoral commission in no time, simply because we make our rules as go along towards progress and we know well constitution is not Qur’an Al Karim its peace of agreement we have created for ourselves and that can be edited .

You know as well as I do, we have been there before, but we have never been threatened before today. PLEASE DO NOT PUT THIS NATION INTO HANDS OF MERECLESS WAR CRIMINALS OF SOMALIA.

Word of advice for our President, you must be the servant of the nation, and you can achieve this status by listening to all. Long live Somaliland

By: Saeed Osman

London, UK