Somaliland is Immune to So-called Seismic Changes in the Horn of Africa


Somalilandsun- The internationally system lead by the former colonial powers, current second rate powers, and the United States has been steadily declining over the years.

The so-called United Nations they founded in 1945 appears to be ineffective, weak and extremely declined. At the time ostensibly it was formed to safeguard world peace and conflict resolution between nations.

Actually the above-named ideals were the announced objectives, but their main hidden objective was power grab and legitimization of immoral European colonial powers that lost their grip on most of the world.

The former colonial powers have driven out of many countries in Asia by force.  These colonial powers created multiple nonviable states in the world and especially in Africa. They precipitously left many countries and in some cases such as Guinea and others they cut the telephone communication from them.

Chickens are coming back to roast for most of the nonviable countries in Africa. These colonial powers have created unsustainable and dependent vassal states that failed to provide the basic goods such as security, justice, employment, and health care to their people.

As I speak an exodus of epic proportions is happening in many parts of Africa at a time European countries are in an economic stagnation and refugee fatigue.  In the current internationally system warring factions or states disregard the ethics of wars and blatantly disregard the Geneva Convention of 1949.

Civilians have been intentionally killed by warring groups. Case in point the Saudi indiscriminate bombardment of civilian areas and vital installations such as schools, hospitals and other places.

Since Mr. Abey came to power in Ethiopia we are seeing some semblance of change in that country that started with the normalization of relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea. At the same time, he announced free and fair elections to be held in Ethiopia in 2020.

On the other hand there is a great deal of ethnic tension and violence in Ethiopia. Currently the Oromo are fighting with multiple other ethnic groups in Ethiopia. In general there is a great deal of instability, tension, and communal wars happening in many parts of Ethiopia.

There are many people who are asking what the so-called change if any will have on Somaliland. I personally It will have no change at all. I believe Somaliland is a rare self-sustained grassroots democracy in the world.

If the last thirty years is a witness the current so-called change in Ethiopia or any other change that happens in any other place will not have a significant change in Somaliland. Somaliland Republic has been standing alone for the last thirty years by itself without any support from the so-called broken international system.

Without outside help Somaliland has been contributing substantially to international peace in so many ways. They were keeping the peace in the strategic Red sea. They took care of their internal security and kept peace and tranquility of their country which in a rather volatile neighborhood where a number of wars are raging.

Originally published under titled So-called change in the Horn of Africa will not have any impact on Somaliland Republic.

The author Suleiman Egeh is a Freelance writer and a senior science instructor