Somaliland: Irro Attends Crowning of Traditional King


Irro on arrival at the crowning ceremony

By: G.A Maher

ABAARSO (Somalilandsun) – A new traditional king has been anointed at cultural implemented ceremony at Aburiin village, which is situated south of Abarso Township, Gabile region in Somaliland.

The crowning which was witnessed by The chairman of the opposition National Party [Wadani] who also holds the post of Speaker in the House of Assembly Hon.Abdirahman Mohammed Abdilahi ‘Irro’ and a large number of other dignitaries and citizens saw the Makahil sub clan of the Saad Muse community anoint Mr. Mohammed Abdilahi Ibrahim [Jabane] as they Ugas-King thence would henceforth represent the community according to the Somali cultural practice-and ethics

King crowning participants

The opposition chief delegation was welcomed at the festival venue at 10 am local time and was given a red carpet treatment. On. Abdirahman delegation was applauded by when he arrived at the location of the event.

The speaker of the house of assembly congratulated the new cultural ambassador and prayed for almighty God to bless him in his new undertaking and cautioned the new Ugas to work for the unity of his community and the nation at large by putting the interest of Somaliland before any other interest.

Irro addresses the crowning function

Though Conspicuously absent in this event were government officials another political opposition leader gracing the event was Mr. Faisal Ali Warabe chairman of the party of Justice and Development[UCID] in the well attended celebration. Nevertheless all went well as planned as the National Party leader led delegation played an important role in the christening of the new king.