Somaliland: Irro and MP Roble Patch Differences


After apolitical elders broker a truce between the two Wadani party functionaries
Irro and Roble

Somaliland sun-Tensions within the higher echelons of the Somaliland opposition Wadani party have simmered significantly.
“The political conflict of principles between the Wadani party candidate for the somaliland presidency Abdirahman Irro and senior party functionary and Member of parliament Saeed Elmo Roble have been resolved amicably” a source revealed to , Geeska Afrika.
The reconciliation was fronted by a committee of apolitical elders from Burao who after a couple of days parleying the two opposition party stalwarts separately, succeeding in bringing them together for a face to meet meet on last Thursday, culminating in the reconciliation.
Within the couple months duration of the conflict, MP Saeed Elmi Roble has been very vocal in his political stance, discerned by many as to culminate in an ultimate defection to ruling Kulmiye party.
“With the political clout of the MP a defection to Kulmiye would have been a major blow to the Wadani party he helped found as well as a big injury to the presidential ambitions of Abdirahman Irro, thence the intervention of the elders all of whom are not involved in politics” our source said.

In their elders fronted resolution pact the two agreed to put aside their differences of opinion and principles, continue their partnership in promoting the Wadani party and candidacy of Irro.

The two oppostion party stalwarts parted ways a few months back after a group of former ruling Kulmiye party leaders and government officials were absorbed by Wadani.
MP Saeed Elmo Roble overtly opposed the move as well as subsequent apportioning of senior party posts to the ex-Kulmiye team led by former presidency minister Hirsi Haji Ali and including former foreign and Justice ministers and members of parliament among many others.
Though, in his short time of Wadani bashing and Kulmiye praising MP Roble never hinted at decamping his party, the reconciliation brings a huge sigh of relief to his colleagues and party supporters as well.
For Irro basking in the enhanced status his candidacy has garnered from the likes of Hirsi Haji Ali, it is time to capitalize on the party unity and make public his governing policies if elected.