Somaliland: Invitation to a Public Talk by Professor Ahmed Ismail Samatar at Queen Mary University London


Prof Samtar

Somalilandsun- West London Somaliland Community in partnership with East London Somaliland Community would like to invite interested people to a public talk by Professor Ahmed Ismail Samater.

Sunday, 7th of July, 2pm, Queen Mary University, Theatre, Blizard Building 4 Newark St, London Whitecapel, E1 2AT

Professor Samatar is returning from a historic visit to his motherland, Somaliland. It was his first visit since over twenty years and over the past couple of weeks Professor Samatar travelled across the country to engage with ordinary men, women and students on how they created development, peace and stability.

Professor Samatar in his talk will address how his direct experience of Somaliland and close contact with the hopes, aspirations and wishes of the people of Somaliland transformed his position on Somaliland’s political independence and the future relations between Somaliland and Somalia.

Biography of speaker

Professor Ahmed Ismail Samatar is a prominent Somali writer, scholar and former Dean of the Institute for Global Citizenship at Macalester College. He is the founding editor of Bildhaan: an International Journal of Somali Studies. Professor Samatar has lectured at many universities and colleges, including Cornell, Harvard, Iowa, London School of Economics and Political Science, Somali National University.

His expertise is in the areas of global political economy, political and social thought, and Somali affairs, He has authored/edited over five books and over thirty articles. His current research covers two tracks: a collaborative two volumes on leadership and the Somali experience; and globalization and the rise of Islamic consciousness. Since 1994, Samatar has been teaching at Macalester College, where he is the James Wallace Professor.